Mutiny Bikes – Randy Taylor Forever


Mutiny Bikes have released this amazing tribute video to Randy Taylor who we lost to suicide a few years back. Randy was one of a kind… An amazing rider and an amazing person that you couldn’t help but love. It still seems unreal that he’s not with us anymore. To go along with this video, Mutiny have re-released Randy’s signature Loosefer frame with full proceeds going to a Suicide Awareness Charity. We have posted up photos and full specs that you can check out after the jump. Randy Taylor Forever.

Randy Taylor. Randy was a goodhearted, charismatic, creative, incredible person. One of the most fun dudes to be around ever, and one of the most gifted bike riders I’ve ever met.

Randy was a natural, there’s no question about it. No one could accuse him of taking anything too seriously, yet he excelled at everything he did – most notably riding bikes, making friends, and entertaining those around him. Everybody loved Randy. Everybody. Between his unstoppable energy, his carefree goofiness, and his unmatched talent for finding trouble, there was truly never a dull moment.
Randy always did his own thing, be it in life or on his bike. The phrase “ahead of his time” gets thrown around a lot, but I can’t think of a more shining example than Randy. Now having the benefit of years of perspective on his riding, it’s easy to see how talented and forward-thinking he really was. Even his seven-year-old frame geometry is easlily up to modern standards.

Randy may no longer be with us, but we are fortunate enough to have a fantastic video archive of his riding and of his personality. He will forever live on in the collective hearts and minds of his friends, his family, and anyone who enjoys his riding or had the good fortune of interacting with him.
The Loosefer Reissue is now available, and we’ll be donating all profits from sales to a suicide awareness charity.
Rest in peace Randy. We miss you bud.
” –Walter Pieringer

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Cult – Grant Germain: East / West

Cult just dropped a fresh BMX video from the one and only Grant Germain who went to work crushing street spots on the east coast and west coast! This is an absolute MUST SEE for you street guys! So many crazy lines in this.

Photogallery: FISE Montpellier 2015 Sequences


We have a few more photos from FISE Montpellier for you to check out! Chase Davidson put together a few sequences from the BMX Park and Street finals for you guys to enjoy featuring Anthony Perrin, Thomas Benedetti, Kevin Peraza, Corey Martinez and Brian Fox! Hit the link below to check it out!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Merritt – Brian Foster FT1 Tire Winter Testing

We don’t see too many BMX videos out of the Blue Falcon, Brian Foster, these days, but damn it when we do we’re psyched! Merritt just released this new video of Brian putting his new Signature FT1 Tire to work on the old Little Devil bowl, The Unit and Woodward East! Must see for sure!

Trail season is just starting for the year, so while Brian Foster finishes up a trails edit for his signature tire, he filmed some indoor clips showing the tire isn’t just a trails tire. for more info.

Photogallery: FISE Montpellier 2015 – BMX Park Finals


Let’s wrap this thing up! Chase Davidson just sent through the final batch of photos from FISE Montpellier! This time around we have a bunch of photos from BMX Park Finals featuring the likes of Alex Coleborn, Kevin Peraza, Pat Casey, Brian Fox, Daniel Sandoval, Jack Clark and more! Hit the link below to check out the full photogallery!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Photogallery – FISE Montpellier 2015 – BMX Street Finals

FISE Montpellier BMX Street Finals 2015

Getting close to wrapping things up from FISE! Next up in our series of photo galleries from the contest is the BMX Street Finals! Check out a bunch of rad photos by Chase Davidson featuring the likes of Corey Martinez, Nico Badet, Courage Adams, Anthony Perrin, Mati Lasgoity, Kostya Andreev and more!


Photogallery: FISE Montpellier 2015 – Flatland Finals

Matthias Dandois BMX Flatland FISE Montpellier 2015

Yesterday was the final day of FISE Montpellier 2015 and things were definitely heating up in the finals! Photographer Chase Davidson was there to take it all in and came through with a ton of great photos from Flatland finals for you to check out! Hit the link below for some dialed photos of Matthias Dandois, Bo Wade, Alex Jumelin and more!

Click here for the full photogallery!

Photogallery: FISE Montpellier 2015 – BMX Park Qualifiers


Keeping the FISE Montpellier party going! The rain held out yesterday so that the guys could get loose for BMX Park qualifiers! Chase Davidson was out with his camera taking in all of the action and stacked some great photos of guys like Mark Webb, Ryan Taylor, Kenneth Tencio, Tom Justice, JB Peytavit and many, many more that you can check out in our new photogallery! Hit the link below to see all of the photos!


Photogallery: FISE Montpellier 2015 – BMX Spine Finals


Photographer Chase Davidson is ON IT with the photos from FISE Montpellier! Check out the photogallery we just released from BMX Spine finals featuring Alex Coleborn, Mark Webb, Kenneth Tencio, Daniel Sandoval, Kevin Peraza, Jack Clark, Logan Martin, Nick Bruce and more! Hit the link below to take it all in!


Photogallery: FISE Montpellier 2015 – Flatland Qualifiers


Yesterday was the qualifiers for Flatland at FISE Montpellier 2015! They were supposed to do BMX park qualifiers, but due to rain they had to reschedule for today. Photographer Chase Davidson was there to capture all the action that went down during Flatland qualifiers and even a few photos before the rain hit the park course and shut things down! You can check out all this goodness in the photogallery by clicking the link below!


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