Photogallery: Wethepeople at Wooden Wheels


The Wethepeople team recently spent some time cruising along the east coast hitting up shops and skateparks along the way. One of the stops was at Wooden Wheels in Newark, Delaware where the crew met up with some of the locals to hang out and catch a session at the skatepark down the road. Our friend and photographer, Brandon Bermudez, was there with his camera snapping photos throughout the visit. We posted up a new photogallery with a few photos from the session for you to check out!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Kink – Travis Hughes 2015 Video

Wow. Kink Bikes just sent through their latest video featuring Travis Hughes that is jam packed with banger after banger out on the streets. Travis has quickly been climbing the ranks and it’s safe to say that he is on absolute FIRE as of late. Must see BMX video for sure!

Travis has been repping Kink for a few years now, and has made the move from unknown Flow rider, to next big thing! Travis and Francis Castro have been compiling footage in-between the travel schedules, and turned out this awesome part featuring Travis taking to SoCal street spots. We hope you enjoy this small look into how talented Travis really is. More to come!

Filmed and edited by Francis Castro


Fit Bike Co. – SF-It

Have you ever watched a BMX video that really made you feel like you’re in an older generation of riders than what’s going on right now? This video Fit Bike Co. released from the trip that their young guns Justin Spriet, Matt Nordstrom and Ethan Corriere took to San Francisco did that exact thing for us, haha. Not to say that we don’t love this video.. We’re just wondering how the hell these guys are old enough to get a rental van now, haha. It’s also clear these guys are the future of BMX as well. Either way, this BMX video is over 9 minutes of pure GOLD from the trip. It’s broken down into sections with Ethan up first, followed by Matt and then wrapped up with Justin. This is a MUST See video for sure..

A few weeks ago, Fit youngbloods Justin Spriet, Matt Nordstrom and Ethan Corriere, along with filmer/editor Francis Castro, commandeered the new 15-passenger van, christened it the Fiteen and motored north to San Francisco.

A few days in the ‘City by the Bay’ later, the boys had amassed this montage of radness we’re delighted to share with you today. SF-it. Enjoy.

Filmed/Edited by: Francis Castro
“Blue Suede” by Vince Staples
“Eskimo Blue Day” by Jefferson Airplane
“You Are Gone” by The Delfonics


BMX Tubing Terminology


While we were on the topic of What 4130 Chromoly and Heat-Treating Is, we got thinking about a handful of the terms that you might see in the descriptions of BMX frames and parts like forks, bars and cranks that might be leaving some of you young guns not quite sure what those small details really mean. We decided to compile a handful of these terms and explain what it means like butting, tapering, machining, Investment Casting and Swaging. Let’s get into this!


What Is 4130 Chromoly and Heat Treating

All photos from Solid Bikes BMX Frame Materials Store

Last night, for one reason or another, a few questions popped into my head that made me think that there are probably a lot of riders out there that just got into BMX might be curious about. What is 4130 chromoly, what is heat-treating and why does BMX use both on so many products? It’s one of those things that a lot of riders know about, but do they actually fully understand what these two things mean and why we utilize them in the industry. So, if you’re curious… Let’s talk a little bit about this!


Sunday Bikes at 3rd Lair

The Sunday Bikes crew recently spent some time in Minnesota while working on a few projects. During their stay, Erik Elstran, Jake Seeley, Mark Burnett and Chris Childs made a stop at the infamous 3rd Lair Skatepark in Golden Valley, Minnesota for a session with a bunch of the locals. There was a HUGE turn out and some awesome BMX riding went down. Here’s a quick BMX video we cooked up from some of the footage we caught during the session.

Song: Otis McDonald – BirdBrainz
Filmed and edited by Kurt Hohberger


Red Bull – Drew Bezanson: Uncontainable

Wow. Red Bull have released Drew Bezanson‘s new “Uncontainable” video and it’s absolutely insane. Drew and Red Bull took a bunch of containers and turned it into one INSANE ramp setup. Everything in this is on another level and there’s no doubt that Drew is an absolute savage for getting this done. This is one BMX video you NEED to see!


The Daily Grind – Zack Gerber “Hard Times”

The Daily Grind have released Zack Gerber‘s absolutely INSANE section from the “Hard Times” DVD online for your viewing pleasure. This one is straight fire and has some of the gnarliest bangers we’ve seen in a video. I mean, the video starts with a front flip off an up ledge on a stair set! WATCH!

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Howard



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