4Down – The French Connexion: La Ville Rose


Now this is what we call a MUST SEE BMX video! A few weeks back it was announced that 4Down Distribution was setting up a second distribution point in France with Alex Valentino as the man in charge. Since then, Alex has been doing a little restructuring and getting a team of France’s finest setup. Today, we get a look at the first video from 4Down’s new crew, The French Connexion, which consists of Alex, Nico Badet (Now repping Fit Bike Co.), Antoine Nau (Now repping S&M Bikes), Nico Terrez (United Bike Co.) and Tom Deville (United Bike Co.). They have kicked things off with an amazing video filled with some dialed riding (and ROUGH crashes) on street spots they found in the city of Rose. Everything from the riding and spots to the filming and editing, which was handled by Alex Valentino, is so good. Get on that play button and enjoy. This is just the start of what appears to be a real good thing.


Shadow Conspiracy – “What Could Be Left” with Simone Barraco


Still not 100% sure you want to see The Shadow Conspiracy‘s new “What Could Go Wrong” DVD when it drops in just under two weeks? Well, here’s 4 minutes and 15 seconds worth of reasons from Simone Barraco for you to watch and be blown away by, because these are all SCRAPS that didn’t make it into his part! This is going to be one hell of a BMX video!

Simone Barraco has a wild section in the upcoming full-length Shadow Conspiracy video “What Could Go Wrong?”. How insane? Enough to have four minutes of ridiculous footage leftover for an edit. Check it out here and then go to your local shop or mail-order and pick up the video when it drops world wide August 14th!

Filmed & Edited by Ryan Chadwick

“Mother Road”


Kink BMX In Panama City


The Kink team are no strangers to going to some pretty unique places for their team trips. They recently hopped a plane to Panama City to see just what this city had in store for them! Based off the video, it looks like spot after spot after spot of pure gold that they managed to sneak a session in to film a clip without getting kicked out (and sometimes while getting kicked out). Hit play on this BMX video because Sean Sexton, Tony Hamlin, Dan Coller, Darryl Tocco and Panama local and Kink connect, Kazique Ceballaos, absolutely CRUSH it in this! Must See for sure!

After a trip fell through last minute to Honduras (due to some real world problems)… We decided instead of not going anywhere… To find the next best place that was cheap enough to enjoy. Panama City, Panama came to mind. After a few phone calls and text messages to some people that have been there, the tickets were booked, and our luxury sky rise apartment was paid for! Besides that, we didn’t know much about the place, or what we were getting into. Come to find out, the place is stacked. The footage you see is a mere 3% of what there is to ride in the city. Security is super tight, police are everywhere, and it is just plain not easy to ride spots there. You have to take a completely different approach to filming and riding in Panama; one that not many of the dudes are accustomed to. With all the hassles of security, strange people, language barriers, and cops with machine guns…we had an amazing time, and are stoked to have been able to not only ride some new spots, but meet the locals and have an awesome session. Thanks to everyone down there for the hospitality, and especially Ramon Pereira for the help and support during our trip.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco


Quicky: Christian Rigal


Photo: Chris Martinez

It’s pretty rad seeing how riders are able to balance out multiple roles in BMX these days. Christian Rigal is a perfect example of that who is one hell of an amazing rider, but he’s equally as dialed on the other side of the lens as well. There’s no doubt that you’re a fan of his riding, his film work or both. With that being said, between riding and filming, Christian is constantly on the move working on projects from his section for the new United DVD “Still United” section to getting his new RED Scarlet Dragon camera dialed in. We haven’t caught up with him in a little while, so we figured now would be a perfect time to catch up with him and see what’s new! There’s some Markit news that we’re especially excited about… Check it!

Name: Christian Rigal

Photogallery: Ryan Ogawa July 2015



It’s always rad when we get a fresh batch of photos from a photgrapher like Ryan Ogawa in the inbox! We get the chance to see what they have been up to and see the progress that they have been making behind the lens. The other day, Ryan sent through 24 of his latest shots from the Fresno, California area featuring Chad Osburn, Ryan Olson, Reagan Riley, Christian Jackson, Rocco Giuseppe, Joey Gibbs, Andreas Wenzel, Michael Garcia and more getting down on spots for us to check out. We were beyond stoked on what we were seeing and knew there was no way we couldn’t let you guys get a look at this batch of dialed BMX photos! We’ve put the photos together for our latest photogallery that you can check out by hitting the link below! ENJOY!


Jack Kelly Interview


Photos by Cooper Brownlee and Dave Rubinich

Over the years we have seen a lot of talent coming out of Australia and it seems like there’s always a new guy to keep on your radar. Over the past two or three years we have been taking notice of Colony‘s Jack Kelly who has been quickly becoming one of our favorite street riders from down under. The other week he had his latest Colony video drop online and it was banger after banger from the streets. We knew when we were watching it that it was beyond due time to get ahold of this guy to find out just what he’s all about! Let’s get to know Jack a little bit from his riding to work, motorcycles and more!

Name: Jack Kelly

Subrosa – Matt Ray Destroys Woodward Camp


It’s a well known fact that Matt Ray is on absolute FIRE and it doesn’t look like he’s cooling off any time soon. Recently Matt spent some time out at Woodward East filming for this new Subrosa X Woodward edit where he destroyed everything in his path. This is one BMX video you need to watch from start to finish because it’s amazing the whole way through. Plus, the ender… Try to wrap your brain around that just watching it one time! This is a MUST SEE for sure!

Subrosa Brand’s Matt Ray spent a week at camp and straight up murdered it. Prepare to have your mind blown by this banger of an edit!

Filmed By: Justin Benthien / Bobby Kanode
Edited By: Bobby Kanode
Thumbnail: Josh McElwee

Music: Saudade – “Blackout”
Music Available on iTunes and Google Play


Insight: Odyssey – Clutch Freecoaster



If you have Instagram and you follow a lot of shops and distributors, you may have been getting pretty excited the past few weeks as they have started to get the long awaited Sean Sexton signature Clutch freecoaster from Odyssey in stock and ready for you fakie masters to get the hub strapped to your bike. Today they released all the information on the hub along with 6 (Yes, SIX) videos explaining all the finer points of the hub. We have been anxiously waiting to see just what makes this hub so special, and now we have the chance. Let’s take a closer look!


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