Nowear B.Y.O.B Series – Round One: Gnar Barn

The 2015 Nowear Extreme Rider Apparel “Bring Your Own Bike” BMX Series kicked off at the Gnar Barn in Iowa on April 18th! Here’s a video giving you a look at all of the crazy riding that went down in the Expert, Pro and 30+ class! This is banger after banger featuring the likes of Mike DiNello, Bobbie Altiser, Tim Oliver, Karl Hinkley, Mike Porter, Jacob Theim, Dan Nielsen and many, many more! This was one hell of a BMX contest!

Filmed and edited by Kurt Hohberger

There are three more rounds for the series. Check out when and where RIGHT HERE!

Jake Ortiz “Paint the Town Red”

Jake Ortiz is one of those riders that we are always super pumped to see footage of. This time around, we get his section from The Hunt’s “Paint the Town Red” video where Jake absolutely CRUSHES it on the streets. This section is packed full of some huge gaps and drops, big grinds, crazy setups and plenty of dialed barspin and tailwhip clips. This is a MUST SEE BMX video! Hit play!

Filmed and edited by Tony Archibeque

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Photogallery: Simple Session 2015 Sequences


These past few days, Chase Davidson has been crushing it behind the lens at Simple Session 2015! Today is our final day of photo galleries from the contest and this one is a treat. Chase has put together a handful of sequences he shot featuring Alex Kennedy, Broc Raiford, Devon Smillie, Courage Adams, Stevie Churchill and Moritz Nussbaumer that you can check out by hitting the link below!


Photogallery: Simple Session 2015 Finals


Yesterday was the finals for Simple Session 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia! 24 of the best BMX riders in the world lined up to get wild on the course for the world to see! Needless to say, things got absolutely insane and some amazing riding went down. Photographer Chase Davidson was there to take it all in with his camera! Check out the photogallery from finals by hitting the link below!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Photogallery: Simple Session 2015 Qualifying


Yesterday was qualifying at Simple Session 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia! Chase Davidson was there with his camera to take in all the action and has a ton of dialed photos for you to check out in a photogallery! Check out riding from Simone Barraco, Alex Kennedy, Justin Spriet, Ruben Alcantara, Lahsaan Kobza, Tyler Fernegel, Tom Justice, Scott Hamlin, Joris Coulomb, Kriss Kyle and more!

Check out the photogallery here!

Dominic Trovato “Dom Bomb” Memorial Jam at 4Seasons Skatepark

On February 10th 2015, BMX lost one of the Midwest’s greatest BMX riders, Dominic Trovato. Dom was not only an absolute shredder on a bike, but he was also an amazing person. The news of Dom’s passing left riders all over the world saddened.

On April 11th, Jeff Klugiewicz along with friends and family of Dom threw a get together at 4Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee to remember and celebrate Dominic’s life.

There was a big session with a huge turn out of riders from all over that came together to have a good time on their bikes, just like Dom would have wanted it to be like. Check out this video with highlights from the session featuring riding from Jeff K., Jeff Dowhen, Glenn Salyers, Kyle Stark, Grant Castelluzzo, Kevin Porter, Lil Jon, Dane Wild and more!

Filmed and edited by Kurt Hohberger
Additional filming by Anthony Schneidewind
Music: The Passion HiFi – King For A Day

Rest in Peace, Dominic Trovato! You will never be forgotten!

Photogallery: Simple Session 2015 – Day 2 Practice


Day two of Simple Session practice is in the books and as expected, things went off! Photographer Chase Davidson just sent through a fresh batch of photos featuring the likes of Kriss Kyle, Mark Burnett, Tom Dugan, Nick Bruce, Alex Kennedy, Kevin Peraza, Lahsaan Kobza, Mike Varga, Larry Edgar, Ruben Alcantara, Ryan Nyquist, Stevie Churchill, Pat Casey and more! Check it out by hitting the link below!


Photogallery: Simple Session 2015 – Day 1 Practice


Things over in Tallinn, Estonia are starting to heat up as Simple Session is getting ready to go off over there! Today was the first day of practice and needless to say, things are always getting fired up. We have Chase Davidson over there checking out the contest and snapping photos for your viewing pleasure! We have 50 photos from day 1 of practice featuring the likes of Alex Kennedy, Drew Bezanson, Anthony Perrin, Courage Adams, Ryan Nyquist, Ryan Taylor, Simone Barraco, Tom Dugan, Tyler Fernengel, Tom Justice, Greg Illingworth, Jack Clark and more! Hit the link below!


Colin Mackay Bike Check

All photos by Brett Curtis

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that building up a fresh new BMX bike is always a good time. The other day we caught wind that Colin Mackay was about to build up a new Haro SD V2 setup and we knew there was no way we couldn’t get a look at this new unit that he would be rolling around the world with this year! So, today, we’re stoked to give you a look at his brand new bike in this bike check! We also tossed in a few extra questions to find out what’s new with Colin! Let’s get into this!

Name: Colin Mackay
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Insight: Incase – DSLR Pro Camera Bag


There’s a lot of photographers and filmers in BMX these days and a good camera bag is never a bad investment when it comes to hauling all your gear around. We recently got our hands on a DSLR Pro camera bag from our friends at Incase and we’re really psyched on it since our old Canon bag just wasn’t cutting it anymore. This bag has a lot of features and a super clean look, so we figured it would be a good idea to take a closer look and talk about just what makes this bag so good. Ready? Let’s do this.

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