Lahsaan Kobza and Tammy McCarley at The Playground

Lahsaan Kobza and Tammy McCarley have been spending quite a bit of time at their friend JR’s backyard ramp setup lately. It’s pretty obvious as to why, because, let’s be real I think we all want that backyard. The two have been busy stacking clips for a while and we’re stoked to premiere this new edit filled with some amazing riding along with a brand new song from Mouse Powell for you to hear! Check it!

Filmed by Tammy McCarley and Lahsaan Kobza
Edited by Tammy McCarley

Song: Mouse Powell – Love Is

Profile Racing – Jeff Klugiewicz Milwaukee Day Session

Jeff K. has had his string of bad luck with injuries over the last year or so, so it’s awesome to finally see some fresh footage of him! Profile Racing dropped this new one featuring him, along with Madera‘s Mike Hinkens and Dan Kruk getting some time in on street spots around Milwaukee!

Jeff Klugiewicz filmed and edited this right when he got back on his bike after a few months off after wrist surgery. Just a normal session jibbin around in Milwaukee with Mike Hinkens and Dan Kruk!

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“Hard Times” With The Daily Grind

ryan w vx_600x

Although it’s been tough to really sell DVD’s these days with the internet becoming the go-to outlet to reach the most people versus really appreciating the quality and hard work that goes into a video, there are still brands and riders out there that are putting in the hard work to make a DVD happen. The crew over at The Daily Grind are pretty known for their quality over quantity ideals and because of that we always know we can trust that what they’re producing is going to be proper.
We caught wind that the crew have been busy stacking clips for the brands 2nd full-length DVD and after seeing some “scraps” from a few edits that popped up, we were really curious what the story was behind it. We decided to get ahold of Jon “Gremlin” Bechtold and Ryan Howard to talk about what the story is with the new DVD and what we can expect from it! Let’s check out what they had to say along with a bunch of rad behind the scenes photos!

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Subrosa Brand

Sneak Peek: The Daily Grind – Tripod Seat Samples


If you caught the “Hard Times” with The Daily Grind interview we dropped yesterday about The Daily Grind‘s new DVD project, you might have caught wind that they’re cooking up some new products! The guys are potentially going to be offering some Tripod seats here in the near future and just got in some samples. We convinced Jon to send through a few photos to give us a look at just what they were thinking of doing! It looks like they will have a black with red stitching and a brown version that you can get a better look at after the jump! What do you guys think?

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Shane Weston Bike Check


Head over to the Fly Bikes website to check out a brand new bike check with Shane Weston and his fresh setup with his new signature 2015 Mustard Yellow Isla frame and a bunch of other new parts we should be seeing surfacing here soon! Talk about a dialed freecoasting machine!

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Profile Racing

Product: Profile Racing – Winter 2014 Apparel


Like it or not, everyone in the northern hemisphere are starting to get shorter days and colder temps! Winter is right around the corner and it’s going to suck as always! Profile Racing just released their new Winter 2014 apparel where they kept things simple with the classic black and white! They have new hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, raglans and beanies that you can check out RIGHT HERE! Get on it!

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Insight: Cult – 2015 Frames


It’s that time of the year when companies start releasing their 2015 product lines that are filled with new and improved designs, new colors or just brand new products all together! The crew over at Cult have been busy getting their new range dialed in and it looks like it’s finally out now. They just released their full 2015 range which features signature frames for Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, Alex Kennedy and Chase DeHart along with the SOS team frame! We figured now was as good of time as ever to take a closer look, so let’s do this!

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Kink – New Flow Team Additions


Kink have not one, but THREE new additions to their Flow team! They have added Jake Acosta, Josh Pascasio and Tanner Jensen all to their line up, which should mean good things to come since we’ve seen all three of these guys throw down in the past! I’d imagine we’ll be seeing some fresh footage surfacing soon enough as well!

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Kink BMX

The Shadow Conspiracy X Greenfilms DSLR Backpack Promo

The Shadow Conspiracy and film maker, Alex Mayol from Greenfilms, teamed up to do a collaboration DSLR backpack and it’s finally available! This video gives you a little insight into what Alex was looking for when creating the bag with Shadow, gives you a look at just how much gear you can carry with it and even a little behind the scenes look at some of his film work! After you check out the video, get more info and full details on the backpack in our INSIGHT we dropped a little while back!

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Subrosa – The Street Rail Session

With the release of Subrosa‘s new Street Rail, they figured it would be a good time to get a few friends down in Florida to spend a day putting them to proper use just to see how well they hold up and what you can do with them! Take a peek and see what went down!

We got a crew of our local shredders together for a good session on a couple of the Subrosa Street Rails a few weeks ago and it was awesome time!

After we brought it to the local park, we ran into some bad weather, but that’s one of the things that the Subrosa Street Rail is designed for, so we headed for shelter in a dry parking garage!
You always have somewhere to ride when you own a Subrosa Street Rail!

Thanks to Adam LZ, Matt Perkins, Tyler McNally Lars Tepaske, Kyle Tucker, Jesse Ortega, and Josh Meadows for shreddng for us.

Filmed by Austin Bonner
Edited by Bobby Kanode

“Eye of the Storm”
” – Subrosa

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