Volume Bikes – “Volume One” Ft DeMarcus Paul, Billy Perry, & Josh Clemens

When Volume Bikes announced the Volume One BMX video the other week, we knew things were going to get nuts. Today, they released the section featuring DeMarcus Paul, Josh Clemens and Billy Perry all crushing spots on their home turf and from a few trips they clocked some clips on as well. Hit play because this is 12 minutes of a MUST SEE BMX video you cannot pass up watching!

Volume Bikes proudly presents “Volume One”, the first chapter in an ongoing Volume video series featuring 3 amazing full sections from Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, & Demarcus Paul.

Filmed, Edited, & Directed by Mike Mastroni. Enjoy!

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Alex Kennedy 2015

What happens when you drop Alex Kennedy in three cities well known for their incredible street spots? You better believe Alex is going to cook up some incredible riding on those spots. DIG just released this BMX video featuring Alex going to work on spots in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Barcelona with Rich Forne behind the lens. Alex cooks up some crazy grind and freecoaster combos, mixes in a bunch of tables and sends it over some big gaps. Everything about this kicks ass, so get on that play button and watch this!

Behold, a new AK video! Alex Kennedy and Rich Forne have been working real hard on this one clocking clips from multiple trips to Berlin, Tel Aviv and Barcelona, and we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s nothing short of a damn masterpiece. Obviously we’ve been massive fans of AK since day one and we couldn’t be happier with this long overdue follow up to his first DIG video back in 2011. Is this AK’s most progressive edit to date? Let us know what you think in the comments below.” – DIG

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Pascal Lafontaine and the Battle with Osteosarcoma Cancer

Pascal Lafontaine BMX

There are a lot of things in this world that are unfair and less than ideal situations to be in. A few months ago, Pascal Lafontaine found that out the hard way when he was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in his leg. With few options, the doctors and Pascal decided to amputate his leg to prevent the cancer from spreading.
When it comes to BMX, being healthy and having your body working properly is very important and as many of you know, having two legs is ideal. It might be ideal, but one thing you need to remember is that it takes A LOT to stop a BMX rider from riding.
Pascal recently picked back up where he left off thanks to a prosthetic leg and a lot of ambition to get back the riding that plays a huge role in his life. Between chemo therapy, he has been working on getting dialed again, and that alone is beyond impressive since that stuff will kick your ass.
We caught up with Pascal to talk a little bit about his battle with cancer, what it’s like to ride with a prosthetic leg and what his plans are now that he’s about to get the all clear from his doctors… Check it!

Name: Pascal Lafontaine
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Evolutions of the BMX Fork

Hoffman Bikes Super BMX Fork

The other day we got thinking that it has been a while since we’ve done an Evolutions feature. We got thinking about some of the different BMX Forks that burned their design into our brain over the years, and then decided to reach out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get a few good ideas of some of the classic BMX forks that have been available over the past 10-20 years. Originally it was going to be the past 10-15, but we got a few suggestions that we couldn’t pass up. Similar to the Evolutions of BMX frames post we did looking at how frames have changed, we’ve seen quite a few changes in almost every aspect of a BMX fork in that time period. So, if you want to take a walk down memory lane… Let’s do this! If we missed something good (which we know there always will be) let us know in the comments at the bottom!

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Deluxe BMX – East Coast Trails Trip

Now here’s a BMX video we have been waiting to see all week! The Deluxe crew dropped their video from the trip along the East Coast they took this past summer hitting up different trails spots and shops along the way. Everything about this video from the riding to the film work is awesome, every trails spot is amazing in its own way and the vibe is too good. This is definitely a video you cannot pass up seeing, because it’s damn good from start to finish. Hit play, kick back and enjoy!

Music by: Russian Circles
This trip was about spending quality time with friends, reliving old memories, meeting new people and getting rad on bmx bikes in the woods“- Ty Stuyvesant

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Goolash BMX

Now THIS is what we call a BMX video! Check out this new mix video featuring Frank Labudzik, Kyle Emery-Peck, John Bennett, Jeff Bennett, Jake Honesto, Sal, Wolfman (WHERE THE HELL HAS HE BEEN!?), Anthony Malvasio and a few others cruising street spots, trails, pools, DIY spots, full pipes and skateparks. This is super well rounded and it’s not your typical grind and freecoaster video. This has style, tricks you don’t see all too often and a really good vibe. If this doesn’t make you want to fly out to San Francisco to ride with these guys, you are crazy. We’re loving every second of this from start to finish and wish more BMX videos were like this! Hit play and enjoy!

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Mutiny Bikes – Synthesis III

Here’s one we’ve been waiting to see pop up for a little while now. Mutiny Bikes just released their new “Synthesis III” BMX video online for your viewing pleasure featuring their team riders putting in work. This has clips from previous videos that came out throughout the year along with some additional new clips that are banging as well! Hit play and check this out… Definitely a MUST SEE!

Mutiny Bike Co. is proud to present Synthesis III. A mix of our favorite clips from all our video projects in 2015 along with some brand new clips from the dudes.
Grant Castelluzzo | Robbo | Matt Roe | Justin Simpson | Jeff Wescott | Maxime Bonfil | Dylan Lewis | Andy Martinez | Evan Smedley | Mariano Santiago

Sparky’s Distribution Jam at the Skatepark of Tampa 2016

The other night, the Sparky’s Distribution crew threw a jam at the Skatepark of Tampa with pro team riders from The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa in attendance. Check out this short, but sweet highlight BMX video featuring the likes of Simone Barraco, Matt Ray, Mark Burnett, Trey Jones, Eric Bahlman, Johnny Atencio, Ryan Sher and a handful of the locals throwing down on their bikes!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing

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“All City” – Full Video

Oh, man! You guys are in for a real treat now. Ben Green has decided to release the entire “All City” DVD online for your viewing pleasure. This BMX video was filmed over the course of three years (2012 – 2015) on the streets of London. The video features full sections from Joss Fenn, Mike Kirkby, Malick Cham and Joe Barlett, Ben Green, Warren Daniel and Dan Boiski. This is one of those BMX videos you cannot pass up because all 35 minutes are pure gold. Excellent riding, dialed spots and super good film work. Everything about this kicks ass and makes for a MUST SEE. Now, kick back, hit play and ENJOY!

Filmed by Ben Green & Toby Goodyear
Edited by Ben Green

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Federal Bikes – Split Series: James Cunningham and Mark Love

Wow… These Federal Bikes Split Series BMX videos have been incredible. Here’s their latest section featuring James Cunningham and Mark Love putting in work on some amazing spots. Everything about this video from the riding to the spots to the film work (Which, when Mike King and Rich Forne team up… Amazing happens) is incredibly dialed. This is one of those MUST SEE videos you cannot pass up! Hit play and enjoy already!

James Cunningham and Mark Love #SplitSeries
The fifth instalment of seven Split Edits by Federal Bikes
Aka Mag and Chase were Filmed by Mike King in Kent and Sussex
Cut by Rich Forne
Thanks to Simon Hall
Featuring – Ellie The Ramp Dog
Music: The Lonely H – ‘Going Out West’




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