Mutiny Bikes – Synthesis III

Here’s one we’ve been waiting to see pop up for a little while now. Mutiny Bikes just released their new “Synthesis III” BMX video online for your viewing pleasure featuring their team riders putting in work. This has clips from previous videos that came out throughout the year along with some additional new clips that are banging as well! Hit play and check this out… Definitely a MUST SEE!

Mutiny Bike Co. is proud to present Synthesis III. A mix of our favorite clips from all our video projects in 2015 along with some brand new clips from the dudes.
Grant Castelluzzo | Robbo | Matt Roe | Justin Simpson | Jeff Wescott | Maxime Bonfil | Dylan Lewis | Andy Martinez | Evan Smedley | Mariano Santiago

Sparky’s Distribution Jam at the Skatepark of Tampa 2016

The other night, the Sparky’s Distribution crew threw a jam at the Skatepark of Tampa with pro team riders from The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa in attendance. Check out this short, but sweet highlight BMX video featuring the likes of Simone Barraco, Matt Ray, Mark Burnett, Trey Jones, Eric Bahlman, Johnny Atencio, Ryan Sher and a handful of the locals throwing down on their bikes!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing

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“All City” – Full Video

Oh, man! You guys are in for a real treat now. Ben Green has decided to release the entire “All City” DVD online for your viewing pleasure. This BMX video was filmed over the course of three years (2012 – 2015) on the streets of London. The video features full sections from Joss Fenn, Mike Kirkby, Malick Cham and Joe Barlett, Ben Green, Warren Daniel and Dan Boiski. This is one of those BMX videos you cannot pass up because all 35 minutes are pure gold. Excellent riding, dialed spots and super good film work. Everything about this kicks ass and makes for a MUST SEE. Now, kick back, hit play and ENJOY!

Filmed by Ben Green & Toby Goodyear
Edited by Ben Green

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Federal Bikes – Split Series: James Cunningham and Mark Love

Wow… These Federal Bikes Split Series BMX videos have been incredible. Here’s their latest section featuring James Cunningham and Mark Love putting in work on some amazing spots. Everything about this video from the riding to the spots to the film work (Which, when Mike King and Rich Forne team up… Amazing happens) is incredibly dialed. This is one of those MUST SEE videos you cannot pass up! Hit play and enjoy already!

James Cunningham and Mark Love #SplitSeries
The fifth instalment of seven Split Edits by Federal Bikes
Aka Mag and Chase were Filmed by Mike King in Kent and Sussex
Cut by Rich Forne
Thanks to Simon Hall
Featuring – Ellie The Ramp Dog
Music: The Lonely H – ‘Going Out West’

Eclat – Shane Weston 2015

It’s not all too often that we’re treated to a new BMX video from Shane Weston, but when we are… It’s always damn good. Check out his latest video for Eclat where he puts his super technical and unpredictable freecoaster skills to work. Despite having a really chill vibe due to the music and editing, the riding in this is pretty nuts. Absolute must see for sure!

Shane has been working on this video for a few months, he’s been packing in the hours and burning off the anger to bring you what is undoubtedly his most mind blowing of all edits. His progression is off the scale.

Filmed and edited by Nathan Williams.

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Red Bull – Fire and Iceland with Bruno Hoffmann & Colin Varanyak

Red Bull are on FIRE today (pun intended). Check out this banger of a BMX video they just released featuring Bruno Hoffmann and Colin Varanyak going to work on spots in Iceland! Other than Anton Arnarson (who makes an appearance in this) and his crew, we really don’t see too many BMX videos from this country, but it’s clearly loaded with spots. Hit play and see what Bruno and Colin were able to come up with during their visit!

Make sure you check out the rad photos Rob Dolecki shot during the trip on the Red Bull website.

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Chris Rye Interview

We caught up with Props BMX founder, Chris Rye, along with Jerrod Glasgow, to talk about the new Props BMX Collectors Edition Box Set and everything that included from how they crammed 20 years of BMX history on 5 Blu-Ray discs to the artwork by Eben Fischer, to the Jimmy Levan documentary in the works, BACO, their perspective on the BMX industry, cameras and more! Hit play and listen in!

You can purchase the Props Collectors Edition Box Set for $124.95 from the PROPS BMX WEBSTORE now!

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Insight: Props Collectors Edition Box Set


There’s no denying that it’s pretty incredible the way technology is progressing these days. When you look back 20 years, a lot of the things you utilize today didn’t exist or it was in very early stages of what it has become today. When it comes to BMX videos, we’ve seen videos go from VHS to DVD to Digital and cameras go from rough and choppy to crystal clear High Definition footage that you can see even the smallest details at 120 frames per second. Thanks to technology we can take all these kinds of footage and cram them into single Blu-Ray disc’s that hold hundreds of hours of footage on them.
The other day, we received a very small package from Chris Rye from Props. Inside, we found a copy of the brand new Collectors Edition Box Set that holds over 20 years of footage on five of those Blu Ray discs that is now available… Let’s talk about this.

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Red Bull – Kaleidoscope featuring Kriss Kyle

Wow, we’re completely blown away by Kriss Kyle‘s new Kaleidoscope BMX video from Red Bull! This is so much more than we could have ever imagined. Everything from the insanely amazing and creative setup to the riding and film work. You can watch the full BMX video above… Over and over again. It is one of those videos that takes more than one watch to really process everything going on from the moving ramps to the setups you have to see Kriss ride before they make sense. You can check out more about the video by visiting the Red Bull website — KALEIDOSCOPE!

You can watch a Behind The Scenes video to see how this was done here: BTS of Kaleidoscope: The Setup – Part 1

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Raise the Bar: A Look At BMX Bars


If you have been around BMX long enough, you have seen trends come and go, things get bigger, then smaller, then bigger again. At the end of the day, BMX has been working to find the perfect size that ultimately makes riding a BMX bike feel better and ride better. There’s been A LOT of trial and error over the years and we’ve seen things go from really rough and unreliable to very detailed and dialed. There’s a lot more that goes into developing a new product than drawing something up on a napkin and hoping it works… Which has happened in BMX’s fairly short existence more than once. I personally have been riding BMX for somewhere around 17 years.. You kind of lose track after a while, but it’s somewhere around there. In that time, there’s been A LOT of changes from every aspect of what makes a BMX bike. Products are very refined and it seems like we see new products with only small changes in degrees and millimeters these days that can make all the difference in how a bike can ride and in general feel, which is pretty amazing. One thing in particular that we’ve seen change A LOT over the years are handlebars. When looking at other parts of a BMX bike, it’s safe to say that bars have grown in size the most in comparison to where it was when I first picked up a bike… Let’s talk about this a little bit.

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