Rest In Peace, Dave Mirra

Photo: Fat Tony

I’m in absolute shock right now trying to process this news. According to multiple news sources, Dave Mirra is no longer with us after apparently taking his own life. This is extremely shocking news in every aspect. Dave has undoubtably been one of the biggest figures in BMX’s history and this is definitely a blow to BMX riders all around the world who looked up to him for his contributions to this sport of ours. There’s multiple sources reporting on the news from TMZ, an ABC affiliate and CNN. Below you can find a release on the news.

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – BMX legendary athlete Dave Mirra died Thursday afternoon in Greenville.
Greenville police responded to the 200 block of Pinewood Road around 4 p.m. for an apparent suicide.

Upon arrival, officers discovered 41-year-old Dave Mirra, of Greenville, sitting in a truck with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He had been visiting friends in the area a short time before the incident.

Considered an icon in the pro-BMX world, Mirra, was instrumental in bringing the sport to the City of Greenville, which now is home to more than 20 professional BMX riders. The record-holding athlete is survived by his wife and two children.

“We mourn the loss today of a great friend and wonderful human being who touched the lives of so many around the world with his gift. He called Greenville, North Carolina home and was as humble a guy talking with kids on a street corner about bikes as he was in his element on the world stage. A young life with so much to offer was taken too soon,” said City of Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas.

The Greenville Police Department will be handling the death investigation.

The family of Dave Mirra would appreciate privacy during this very difficult time.

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, you are encouraged to seek help through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-TALK.” – SOURCE: WCNC

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Brant Moore – Pretty Fly For A Bike Guy

It’s always a good day when Brant Moore hits us up bright and early with a brand new BMX video. Brant is always cooking up some creative and original riding that never fails to blow our minds. This time around is no different. One you hit play, you will want to stick around until the end because it’s packed with gold from start to finish. Get on this!

Woke up one day and felt like I should put out a video, so I went to work and here it is!
Hope ya like it!
Shout out to everyone who had their hands on a camera to film for this!
Victoria, Brian Horecky, Sponge, Alex Leibrock, Karl Hinkley, Brenden Wargo

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Merritt – Brad Simms in Texas 2016 Video

Merritt just dropped this dialed new BMX video featuring Brad Simms absolutely slaying spots during a recent visit to Texas! Watch as Brad grinds everything, 360’s off roofs, uses his insane hops over everything and even throws in a few tailwhips and X-Up one footers for good measure! Damn good from start to finish and we highly advise you give it a watch!

Filmed and edited by Charlie Crumlish

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Review: Atlantis Vancouver – Battle of the Birds


It’s not all too often that we get a BMX video shipped to our front door these days. We’ve seen actual copies of BMX videos go the way of magazines, becoming fewer and further between, but it’s just one of those things we love seeing. Plus, anything that gets us away from the computer screen for a bit is always a treat.
The other day we received a package from the crew at Atlantis Vancouver up in Canada with their “Battle of the Birds” DVD for us to take a look at. It was a little slow today, so we popped the video into the DVD player and took a break to check it out. If you’re looking for a new video for the price of free to pick up, take a look…

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Life On A Boat with Mannie Nogueira


A few months back, our friend and photographer Nick Nogueira hit us up about a trip that he was taking to meet up with his brother and flatland rider, Mannie Nogueira, who had been spending the past few months riding BMX during live shows on a cruise ship. Nick asked if we would be interested in checking out the final results once he got back, and of course we couldn’t turn that down! We hadn’t heard anything, then today Nick hit us up with some words and a bunch of photos from the trip where he got a front row seat into just what Mannie had been up to lately. We’ve seen BMX pop up in some interesting places and we’ve seen BMX lead riders to places all around the world doing what they’re good at. This is definitely one of those interesting places and stories to say the least, and it left us a little bit jealous! Take a look and see just why!

Check out the full story and more photos below….

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Premium – Chad Kerley 2016 Video

Although Chad Kerley has joined the Haro Bikes Pro team, he will still remain on the Premium pro team for parts! Today, we get a hell of a good BMX video packed with riding from Chad to remind everyone of that. Everything from the riding to the spots to the film work make this one a MUST SEE!

Happy Birthday, Chad!

Chad has been on the Premium team since 2009 and it’s crazy to think of all that he has achieved in that time. He’s just turning 22 today! While he may of changed so much from that 15 year-old he once was, there’s no denying the fact that he is just getting better and better. Chad has undoubtedly delivered the goods for over seven years now!

It’s an honor to continue to have Chad on Premium Products, with his recent frame switch to Haro.

Be on the lookout for new Premium CK parts and a revised Premium line in 2016!

Video by Christian Rigal. Titles by Kelly Bolton.

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Kink BMX – “Intervention” Full-Length Video

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Did you miss the live stream the other day? Well, you’re in luck because Kink Bike Co. have hooked it up with their entire “Intervention” full-length BMX video featuring Darryl Tocco, Sean Sexton, Chris Doyle, Tony Hamlin, Chad Osburn, Dan Coller, Albert Mercado, Connor Lodes, Calvin Kosovich, Jay Roe, Jacob Cable, Travis Hughes and many, many more!

This is Kink BMX – Intervention. A culmination of riding from the entire Kink BMX team filmed over the last part of 2015. Filmed by Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, and Calvin Kosovich in the Southwest USA, California, East Coast USA, Costa Rica, Barcelona, and Latvia. This was an effort to not only get the whole team together, and showcase Kink for 2016…but to also take some time to have fun, shed light on the intricacies of your favorite Kink riders, continue traveling, put a bangin’ soundtrack together, and hope that this project gets you motivated to ride each day you click play!

On top of that….We broke our own guidelines to the video…and present you a full scale, real deal, Dan Coller Video Part. Filmed over the course of 2015 and during the filming for Intervention….there’s not many words that can sum up just how crazy this riding is. It is something you need to witness in video…and hopefully catch a session with Dan in person, to truly appreciate and respect. Dan is pushing burly, fast street riding…at a scary pace.

Edited by Darryl Tocco

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Videos: Francis Castro

Photo: Chris Eiland

If you have been riding BMX for a while now, you have undoubtably have seen plenty of BMX videos from the up and coming riders that are starting to make their way into the pro ranks on a number of teams all around the world. There’s one crew in particular that have been plowing their own trail that go by the name, Common Crew. This crew, which is stacked with talent with riders like Jacob Cable, Ethan Corriere, Devon Smillie, Travis Hughes and more have been on fire for quite a while now and it’s safe to say they haven’t slowed down since laying their foot on the gas pedal. One recurring name that we see popping up in the filmer and editor credits time and time again, Francis Castro, has been expanding his work beyond just this crew, handling some heavy projects for brands like Fit Bike Co., Fly Bikes and more as of late. We’ve been real stoked on Francis’ work, so we figured it would be a good time to get ahold of him to find out just what his story is, what he’s working on these days and what he hopes the future has in store for him. Ready? Let’s do this.

Name: Francis Castro
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2016 Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) Roast Bowl Jam Highlights

There are a handful of BMX jams that you can always count on happening every year and this is definitely one of them! Take a look at what went down during the annual Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) Roast Bowl Jam this past weekend in this fresh BMX video! Some of Florida’s finest all filled the decks for a big session that is all about getting together and having a good time!
Check out highlights from Matt Coplon, Ryan Torrance, Steve Nowak, Justin Dowell, Ryan Dowell, Zach Moyer, Chris Schuster, Zach Taylor, Red Bull Dave, Johnny DelBalso, Mathew Nichols and Brian Hemingway all throwing down in and around the bowl! This is what we’re talking about!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing

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Ben Lewis Bike Check

Photos: Will Stroud

It has been a little while since we’ve caught up with Ben Lewis, so when we saw he dialed in his bike before making a trip over to the U.S. to film for the Etnies “Chapters” DVD, we figured it would be the perfect time to take a closer look at his Fit Bike Co. Benny L V2 setup decked out with Fit and Animal Bikes parts and to find out what he has cooking with his sponsors and plans for the year now that 2016 is under way! Ready? Let’s take a closer look at this unit!

Name: Ben Lewis
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