Review: Volume Bikes – “The Finer Things” DVD


The flow of DVD’s might have slowed down over the years, but they’re still popping up pretty frequently between brands and all the different scene and crew videos we see a lot of lately. There’s one video in particular that we have actually been anticipating for quite some time and we were definitely excited to get our hands on a copy… Volume‘s new video, “The Finer Things”, that has been in the works for a year or two now. The other day we were fortunate enough to get ourselves a copy of this new video produced by Mike Mastroni to get a look at just what all the hype was all about… Let’s talk about this one for a little bit!

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Editorial: Travel Memories


For the second installment of our Editorial series, we have a unique piece from Justin Schwanke where he relives a single trick that went down on a spot in Munich, Germany during a trip he took this past summer! This one is an interesting read for any of you who love vivid memories from a certain trick, spot or moment. Take a look!

In the last few years of my life I’ve contracted the travel bug. It’s a strong virus with symptoms of vagabond desire, a craving for adventure, and a longing to be well-cultured. For me, the bicycle seems to be the paramount device to assist in spreading this virus, and connecting with other infected individuals. As a proud victim of this infection, I hope to share my stories and experiences in this series, bicycles involved or otherwise. In doing so, perhaps I may be able to achieve the status of a parasite and inspire others to contract the travel bug themselves….

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The Art of the BMX Pedal


Every now and then we get on a little nostalgia kick and start looking through Google images to find some classic parts we used to run. It gets us thinking about how much things have or haven’t changed with BMX parts and just how crazy things used to be. We recently got on a kick about BMX pedals and started trying to think of a bunch of the classics. We hit up our Facebook page for some ideas and ended up collecting a real good list. We decided to hunt down some photos and piece together this post going through a bunch of favorites with all the different shapes and styles we’ve seen over the years. Ready for this? Are your shins starting to burn? Are you having flashbacks from a time you blasted your shin and blood started running down your leg like Niagara Falls? Well… If not, you will be.

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Photogallery: Nick Steben – February 2015


We’re always psyched when our friend Nick Steben hits us with a set of his latest photos for us to check out! As many of you know, Nick is always on the move, but recently has been spending most of his time in Southern California soaking up the sun and enjoying the endless spots, but has recently made the move back out east. Check out a bunch of photos featuring the likes of Matt Priest, Jeff Klugiewicz, Nathan Williams, Albert Mercado, Chad Osburn, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Craig Mast and more in this new photogallery!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Editorial: Front Brake Perception


In The Union’s existence, we have worked with a lot of different photographers and filmers on original content. We have always wanted to work in some creative writing as well, but we didn’t quite know just how we wanted to go about it. Then, the other week Stuart Fenton hit us up asking if we would be interested in giving something like that a go and we decided to see just where we could take it! Today we are presenting you our first Editorial and we think it turned out great. Let’s take a look at this great piece by Stuart with with a perspective on Front Brakes and their current status…

Over time every style of riding has had a moment in the sun, only to fizzle away and immerge reinvented years later. It’s the Double Helix phenomenon; when one style or fashion is in an ascent, another is in descent. In the context of BMX it means that riding is always evolving and never standing still. Over the last ten years we have seen a park riding boom, a trails revival and now we find ourselves perched firmly on a 3.5 foot waxed marble ledge. The same phenomenon can be observed through the popularity of freestyle era four piece bars, which ten years ago would have been laughable. Four piece bars were the badge of the BMX dinosaur, not the forward thinking BMX revolutionary! Additionally, we’ve also seen the popularity of once neglected front wheel manoeuvres, another remnant of the Freestyle days and the flatland foundations of BMX….

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Shadow Conspiracy – Jono Hopping “Oldies but Goodies”

The Shadow Conspiracy dropped this banger of an edit featuring Jono Hopping crushing spots down in New Zealand and Australia from a year ago! It goes to show just how much crazy footage is just sitting and waiting to be seen! Hit play because this one does NOT disappoint!

New Zealand Shadow rider Jono Hopping had been sitting on a bunch of random footage from his Kiwi homeland and neighboring countryside of Australia for almost a year without an idea of what to do with it.

Rather than let it go to waste, he gave it to Shadow TM and videographer Ryan Chadwick to put it all together. Hit play and check out the madman himself shred down under in some old but definitely still good clips in this brand new Shadow Conspiracy edit.

Filmed by all of Jono’s Homies
Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Ghost Pines
Morphing Dream

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Insight: Etnies – Aaron Ross Signature Scout Shoe


If you follow Aaron Ross on Twitter or Instagram, there’s a good chance you caught a glimpse of one of his two new signature shoes; the Scout and Marana Vulc. If you have been riding BMX for a while, there’s a good chance that you pretty much rock the same shoes whether it’s riding, chilling or just out around town. A little over a year ago we started seeing a more comfortable style of shoe popping up that is light weight and more ideal for wearing when you aren’t riding. A perfect example of this in the Scout from Etnies. For 2015, Etnies and Aaron decided it would be a good idea to do a more traditional BMX shoe to go along side one of these Scout shoes. We we’re really digging the look of these, so we decided to pick up a pair to get a closer look! If you’re looking for some new shoes to wear when you aren’t riding, these might just be what you are trying to get on your feet. Let’s take a closer look!

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Cody Anderson Interview

All photos by Travis Kincaid

Some of you may have noticed that over the course of the past few months, Hoffman Bikes have made a few new additions to their flow squad. One of those guys is Cody Anderson who we have been seeing send himself like a wild man the past two years or so. Last week he dropped a new edit to celebrate his 21st birthday and we were blown away by some of the gnarly stuff he was doing, so we figured it was due time to get ahold of him to find out just what this kid is all about! Let’s take a look at what he said!

Name: Cody Ray Anderson
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CEEK Life – Chad Kerley

We’re not quite sure what CEEK Life is just yet, but we do know it’s Chad Kerley’s new project and he just dropped this brand new promo that is an absolute MUST SEE to bring the news! Hit that play button!

Filmed By: Doeby Huynh
Additional Filming: Demarcus Paul
Song: Travis Scott – Backyard

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Frostbike 2015 – Wethepeople / Eclat / Fuse Protection

 photo IMG_2548_zpsivdzldhj.jpg

Last but not least on our list of BMX brands to visit at Frostbike 2015 is the new comers to QBP‘s brands they carry; Wethepeople, Eclat and Fuse Protection! It was a good chance to catch up with the man behind the brands, Harry, to talk about some of the new products they have available and really get an in-depth look at what makes them unique. There’s a bunch of items you’ll want to get a good look Let’s do this!

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