Red Bull – Huge Triple Tailwhips and BMX Park Riding With Daniel Sandoval

Holy… Crap! Red Bull just dropped this new video of Daniel Sandoval absolutely CRUSHING a handful of parks in Southern California! If you’re looking for some insane BMX riding… Hit play right now! This music is far too chill for how wild this video is!

Known for his high-flying combos and a vast arsenal of tech-tricks, Daniel Sandoval is constantly pushing the progression of BMX. Coming off an ankle injury late 2014, Daniel is back to full form as he set out to ride some of Southern California’s most popular skateparks. With new tricks, jaw-dropping gaps, and perfected classics; Daniel’s first official Red Bull video will not disappoint.” – Red Bull

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Monster Energy – Dream Yard: Part 2 – Pat Casey

Monster is killing it with the BMX videos today! Check out this absolute BANGER featuring Pat Casey tearing up his backyard! It looks like he has built himself trails to go along with that massive mini ramp… Quite possibly the best BMX backyard out there right now! haha

Nope, unfortunately this is not your backyard paradise – but it is Monster Energy rider Pat Casey’s…and this magical setup is arguably the best private park in the world.

Pat moved into his dream home in 2013, building his backyard ramp to perfection just six months later. The trails, his newest collaboration with Monster Energy were designed and built by one of the most prolific trail builders in the world, Adam Aloise.

In this new edit, Pat christens his amazing new features with an onslaught of stylish tricks mixed with straight up bangers. No one in BMX rides like Pat, and Dream Yard 2 is a testament to that fact!

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Monster – “Above Below” Ben Lewis Section

Monster have decided to upload Ben Lewis’ section from the “ABOVE BELOW” video online for your viewing pleasure. There’s no denying that Ben is one of the best street riders on a BMX bike these days and you know this one doesn’t disappoint! Hit play because this is one BMX video you can’t miss!

Check out Ben Lewis’s section from our first feature length video, ABOVE BELOW! Benny sums up UK street riding and has been helping define it for over a decade! Click play for proof of why BMX and Monster Energy are happy to back Benny L…

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Colony – Luke Parker: Local Lines

Colony dropped this new video featuring Luke Parker absolutely DESTROYING his local skatepark! This has a good mix of technical lines, lip tricks and some big blasted airs with plenty of tricks and style mixed in. Basically this is one edit that we think pretty much all of you are going to be psyched on! This is a proper BMX video. Hit play!

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Demolition – Rob Wise Wheelset Promo

Just when you don’t think this day will get all too interesting.. Demolition dropped this banger of a video featuring Rob Wise absolutely CRUSHING skateparks and street spots to promote the complete wheels that Demolition offers. Needless to say… This is a MUST SEE video!

Don’t ever sleep on Rob Wise, he’ll always come through with the most insane move and all while making it look way too easy. He put this wheel promo together with Mastroni throughout a few trips and came through with a solid Rotator/ Bulimia wheelset promo.

If they’re good enough for Rob, they’re good enough for you! Check out the wheels at the links below:
Rotator Wheel:
Bulimia Wheel:

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming by Josh Clemens

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Mason Ritter Interview


Over the past few months Hoffman Bikes have been making a few new additions to their flow squad and really getting the ball rolling with the brand again lately. Last week we caught a real dialed welcome edit for one of their new riders, Mason Ritter, who crushed it around Pittsburgh and The Wheel Mill. We have seen Mason’s name pop up a few times over the last year or so and we were curious just what he was all about, so we hit him up to find out! Let’s check out what he had to say!

Name: Mason Ritter
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Eclat – Young Bloods: Part 1 – Sam Jones

Today, Eclat dropped the first of two videos from their Young Bloods trip to Alicante, Spain that Sam Jones, Harry Mills-Wakley and Jordan Godwin took a little while back! This first part is a banger of a video featuring Sam Jones tearing apart spots. Not sure how he’s so good at rail rides, but damn those clips are nuts. Expect part two featuring the other guys soon!

Filmed and edited by Cal Earnshaw

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Review: Volume Bikes – “The Finer Things” DVD


The flow of DVD’s might have slowed down over the years, but they’re still popping up pretty frequently between brands and all the different scene and crew videos we see a lot of lately. There’s one video in particular that we have actually been anticipating for quite some time and we were definitely excited to get our hands on a copy… Volume‘s new video, “The Finer Things”, that has been in the works for a year or two now. The other day we were fortunate enough to get ourselves a copy of this new video produced by Mike Mastroni to get a look at just what all the hype was all about… Let’s talk about this one for a little bit!

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Editorial: Travel Memories


For the second installment of our Editorial series, we have a unique piece from Justin Schwanke where he relives a single trick that went down on a spot in Munich, Germany during a trip he took this past summer! This one is an interesting read for any of you who love vivid memories from a certain trick, spot or moment. Take a look!

In the last few years of my life I’ve contracted the travel bug. It’s a strong virus with symptoms of vagabond desire, a craving for adventure, and a longing to be well-cultured. For me, the bicycle seems to be the paramount device to assist in spreading this virus, and connecting with other infected individuals. As a proud victim of this infection, I hope to share my stories and experiences in this series, bicycles involved or otherwise. In doing so, perhaps I may be able to achieve the status of a parasite and inspire others to contract the travel bug themselves….

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The Art of the BMX Pedal


Every now and then we get on a little nostalgia kick and start looking through Google images to find some classic parts we used to run. It gets us thinking about how much things have or haven’t changed with BMX parts and just how crazy things used to be. We recently got on a kick about BMX pedals and started trying to think of a bunch of the classics. We hit up our Facebook page for some ideas and ended up collecting a real good list. We decided to hunt down some photos and piece together this post going through a bunch of favorites with all the different shapes and styles we’ve seen over the years. Ready for this? Are your shins starting to burn? Are you having flashbacks from a time you blasted your shin and blood started running down your leg like Niagara Falls? Well… If not, you will be.

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