Chris Silva and the Animal Axle Nuts

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Photo: Mike Headford

Coming up with this intro is a little tricky… Chris Silva is a Canandian BMX legend regardless if he wants to believe it or not. Over the years, Chris has destroyed A LOT of rails all over with and without the help of his pegs. Although grinding without pegs seems damn near impossible, he does it.
Some of you older riders out there will remember the classic Primo “Jewel” axle nuts that were essentially axle nuts that were rounded off to work more like pegs back in the day. Thanks to this little invention, it helped and inspired Chris to push the limits of his grinding abilities and helped make him into that legend we were talking about above that he is today.
A few months back when I was talking with Chris, he had mentioned that he was working on something with Animal Bikes that he was really psyched on. After bugging him a bit, he let the cat out of the bag that they were developing a newer, better, Chris Silva signature version of the Jewel axle nuts that would be coming out this summer.
There was no way we couldn’t find out more, so we got Chris to talk about these axle nuts (don’t call them a peg!) and the history of what lead to today. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Chris Silva
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Insight: Fit Bike Co. – T/A Tire

Fit Bike Co. T/A BMX Tires

This past winter we got an email from Chris Moeller over at Fit Bike Co. wondering if we would be interested in checking out something they were cooking on that would be out this spring. As always, we were more than interested to take a peek into just what they were working on. Shortly after, he hit us back with some photos of their new T/A tire and asked if we would be interested in giving a sample they had in their possession a go. There was no way we could pass up the offer, so we had them on the next shipment out their door to check out in person!
After giving these guys a go for a while and the tires finally being released worldwide here in the next few days, we figured it would be good time to give you guys a look just incase you’re looking to get some fresh rubber on your bike for the warmer weather hitting the northern hemisphere. Let’s take a look!

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Kink – Max Bergmann After Work Session

Here’s a new one from Kink connect over in Germany through All Ride, Max Bergmann! Max got off work and headed to his local park to get a session and film for this edit. Max has tons of nose balance!

Filmed: Martin “billy” Mahlert & Oliver MIchel
Edited: Oliver Michel

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Mike Saavedra Bike Check


Make your way on over to the Profile Racing website for a bike check with Mike Saavedra and his current PA USA Deluxe ride. That’s one dialed trails unit! Check it out!

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Kyle Amidon Memorial Jam


It’s never good when BMX loses a rider. It’s even worse when a child loses their father. There’s a a memorial jam going down on May 4th at Rye Airfield for Kyle Amidon to pay tribute to him and help raise some funds to help out his daughter, Maisey. If you’re in the New England area, I highly, highly advise you make it out for this one. We’ll be sending through some items to support this event as well! Mark your calendars so you don’t forget!

Trail riders in NH and Mass have lost a very special friend, trail rider/ builder. Kyle Amidon died last month and we want to celebrate his life and come together to raise money for his beautiful 7 year old daughter Maisey Grace Amidon. She lost her dad and we want to help Kyle in the greatest way possible by contributing money that will go into a Fund for Maisey for future use such as college or her first car.

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to use the Rye Airfield Indoor Ramp Park to hold a special event. This means 100% of all money we raise will be directly deposited into the Maisey Grace Fund.” – Adam Spitalny

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Demolition – Dennis Enarson Rig Line Promo

Holy hell… ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! Dennis Enarson drops some serious hammers to promote his signature RIG line from Demolition! Hit that play button NOW.

Dennis Enarson and good friend, Christian Rigal originally set out to make a quick lil promo video for Dennis’ new Rig line of parts but ended up coming back with 6 minutes of bangers on just about everything rideable from SD to SF. There’s not enough words that can describe how good Dennis is on a bike and how much control he has on dirt, street and ramps. Dennis’ Rig line bars (out now), tires and cranks are fully designed and tested (thoroughly by the looks of this video) by Dennis himself. Watch now and be ready to get stoked.

Dennis Rig bar is available now:
Rig Crank will be available Summer 2014
Rig 2.4 & 2.25 tires will be available Fall 2014

Filmed & Edited By Christian Rigal

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Brian Fox Video & Interview

Brian Fox might be a name you may or may not have seen pop up in the past between videos or contests. Brian is definitely the owner of a huge bag of tricks that are all dialed in and plenty of style to go with it! We recently caught up with him for a few sessions to see just what he was capable of! Check out this video then get to know him a little better with the interview below!

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing
Song: Song: 65 Days of Static – The Cat Is A Landmine

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Daily Recap – April 14th

Today was a crazy day for videos in the Daily Section! We figured it would be a good idea to do a quick Daily Recap to put all of our favorites into one place for you to check out! Give it a look and see what you might have missed!

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The Daily Grind at Davenport Skatepark

Some of The Daily Grind crew loaded up and made their way to the Davenport, Iowa skatepark for a session and to drink some 40′s and milk! Check out what went down when Zack Gerber wasn’t throwing up!

We recently made the trip to Davenport Iowa to pick up new, taller 8.85 century bars and film a bit for the Dvd. We rode the amazing Davenport skatepark one night and ended up banging this out pretty easily.
Thanks to Dan Hylton, Standard Bikes and the city Of Davenport for an awesome weekend.
Zack Gerber
Jon “Gremlin” Bechtold
Greg Goldberg
Ryan Howard
Dan Hylton
Ryan Howard
Additional filming:
Zack Gerber
Let The Good Times Roll/The Animals

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Sunday – Lukas Hausler Welcome Edit

Sunday Bikes have added Lukas Hausler to their line up over in Germany through Sport Import! Check out this DIALED welcome edit that’s loaded with great riding, spots, filming and editing!

Cologne´s BMX viking Lukas Häusler just got hooked up by SportImport and is the newest addition to Germany´s Sunday Bikes team roster.
Here is it fresh and sunny welcome to the team edit.

Filmed and Edited by
Timm Wiegmann

Slider operation, pressing the red button and zooming long lense from out of the trees by
Oliver Michel and Robin Heinrich

Music by
The Heavy
Set Me Free

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