Jack Kelly Interview



Over the years we have seen a lot of talent coming out of Australia and it seems like there’s always a new guy to keep on your radar. Over the past two or three years we have been taking notice of Colony‘s Jack Kelly who has been quickly becoming one of our favorite street riders from down under. The other week he had his latest Colony video drop online and it was banger after banger from the streets. We knew when we were watching it that it was beyond due time to get ahold of this guy to find out just what he’s all about! Let’s get to know Jack a little bit from his riding to work, motorcycles and more!

Name: Jack Kelly

Subrosa – Matt Ray Destroys Woodward Camp


It’s a well known fact that Matt Ray is on absolute FIRE and it doesn’t look like he’s cooling off any time soon. Recently Matt spent some time out at Woodward East filming for this new Subrosa X Woodward edit where he destroyed everything in his path. This is one BMX video you need to watch from start to finish because it’s amazing the whole way through. Plus, the ender… Try to wrap your brain around that just watching it one time! This is a MUST SEE for sure!

Subrosa Brand’s Matt Ray spent a week at camp and straight up murdered it. Prepare to have your mind blown by this banger of an edit!

Filmed By: Justin Benthien / Bobby Kanode
Edited By: Bobby Kanode
Thumbnail: Josh McElwee

Music: Saudade – “Blackout”
Music Available on iTunes and Google Play


Insight: Odyssey – Clutch Freecoaster



If you have Instagram and you follow a lot of shops and distributors, you may have been getting pretty excited the past few weeks as they have started to get the long awaited Sean Sexton signature Clutch freecoaster from Odyssey in stock and ready for you fakie masters to get the hub strapped to your bike. Today they released all the information on the hub along with 6 (Yes, SIX) videos explaining all the finer points of the hub. We have been anxiously waiting to see just what makes this hub so special, and now we have the chance. Let’s take a closer look!


Photogallery: BMX Day in Johannesburg, South Africa



The other day we got a look at the Video from BMX Day in Johannesburg, South Africa, now today we’re very excited to present to you a full photogallery from the day by photographer Wayne Reiche giving us a look at how good the day went from the spots to the riding and good times! This photogallery is packed full of amazing shots and we’ve included the video in at the end again so after you see the photos, you can watch the video, too! Get the full scoop from Colin Loudon below, then hit that link and check out all the photos!


On a frosty Saturday morning the Johannesburg Library Gardens were awoken to the sound of bikes cruising in as riders from different scenes and towns from all over SA came together in support the first global BMX day.
The point of BMX day is not about drawing crowds, prize money or a contest format, It’s about drawing the scene closer together no matter how big or small through sharing the common bond of riding bikes.
So without further delay we packed the van, camera gear and set off on a wild ride through the city!

After warming up and clocking some clips at the first spot as well as getting everyone in one place for a group photo to commemorate this gathering it was time to hit the streets, Seeing a huge mob of riders bombing down Commissioner Street is definitely a sight to make anyone who has ever ridden a bike stoked.
With Wayne Reiche and Kevin Schnider capturing the vibe and the visuals you know this is going to be on point. Check out the edit and photo gallery below and get a behind the scenes look at how a bunch of BMX riders took over the streets of Johannesburg !

Huge thanks to the brands who supported with product and played an integral part making it happen :
Monster Energy SA, Skullcandy, BMX Direct, DC Shoes Africa, Evals BMX, Skabanga Crew, Stay Mooked, Vans, Loot Brand, Mongoose Bikes and 1933 Classic Tattoos.


Mike Curley Video Bike Check


Our friends over at IMG Distribution just hit us with a Mike Curley video Bike Check giving us a closer look at his current Wethepeople setup that is decked out with Odyssey parts! This bike is damn clean and the riding clips in this are damn good, especially those last two clips… Talk about some serious grind balance! Hit that play button and get a closer look at this BMX bike!

Filmed and edited by Tom Pickup

Want more bikes? Check out more Bike Checks!


Photos: Nick Nogueira


Photo: Chat Sirichanvimol

We’re always on the look out for up and coming photographers that are producing some amazing photos. We recently caught wind of Nick Nogueira, who some of you might be able to piece together as the brother of Mannie Nogueira whose videos we post on the site regularly. The other day we got a sample of photos from Nick ranging from BMX to non-BMX commercial work he has done and we decided he was the perfect photographer for our Photos: interviews! We have a full interview with Nick giving you some insight into his photography work along with a new photogallery giving you a better look at some of his work! Ready? Let’s do this!

Name: Nick Nogueira

Total BMX – Alex Coleborn 2015


Holy absolute MUST SEE! Total BMX just released this BANGER of a video featuring Alex Coleborn DESTROYING a handful of skateparks from Adrenaline Alley in the U.K to Eurocamp in Spain! This video is packed with huge bangers and insanely technical lip tricks. All in all, one of Alex’s best BMX videos ever. If you haven’t hit play on this yet, you’re blowing it!


Burly Jam 2015 – Part 1


On June 13th, BMX riders from all over the place made their way to Burlington, Iowa to ride the Dankward Skatepark for the one and only Burly BMX Jam! Above is a video that gives you a look at the highlights from the entire day from the riding to the karaoke that that went down at the after party. You can see riding from guys like Bobbie Altiser, Dan Hylton, Jared Schlesselman, Habo Gutierrez and Glenn Salyers. This is what a proper BMX Jam looks like! It’s such a bummer knowing that we won’t be seeing Glenn blasting airs like he is doing in the end anymore. We’ve included a link to donate to his memorial fund below! Expect part 2 soon…

Burly Jam 2015.

It was a cloudy day in Burlington, Ia on June 13 but that didn’t stop the migration of BMXers to Southeast Iowa from places like Texas, Chicago, New York, and all other dark corners of the Earth. Special thanks to @skateparkrider (Bobby Parker) for organizing this jam and to @twobraketony (Anthony Loconte), @golden_rod (David Buseman), and @murderbikebmx (Jerrod Glasgow) for taking the time to film. Also, thanks to Logan from @letsroastcycles for sponsoring High Air, Justin Marland for sponsoring King of Box and a special thanks to @sethgz (Seth Garrett) for supplying the music all day.

RIP Glenn Salyers” – Bobby Parker

There has been a Glenn Salyers Memorial Fund setup to help out Glenn’s family in this difficult time: Road2Recovery Foundation

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