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I was recently presented with the opportunity to shoot an ad for Stolen with their newest team rider Chris Brown and once we finished up and the ad was set we sat down to catch up, talk about some new shit and see what’s good in Chris’s world. Take a few minutes and check out what he has been up to and take a peak at his new ride.

Check out the interview below and the full bike check right here.

Name: Chris Brown

Age: 24

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Sponsors: Stolen Bikes and Primo

So, what’s going on lately man?
Been low key for awhile. Recently I got a great opportunity through Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla doing a stunt job for a Disney movie that has not been released yet. Through that job other opportunities have come up and I am definitely thankful to him for that. Besides that I have been spending time with family and friends and also finding a lot of new spots. Just enjoying life.

The last company you rode for was BSD, what’s the deal with the switch?
Sometimes when you don’t feel appreciated it’s best to part ways. We didn’t always see eye to eye on things so in this case change was for the better. Much luck to everyone.

Well now that you are riding for Stolen you are obviously on a new set up. What frame are you riding and what are some of the features that you like about it?
I am riding the Legion frame which is the new team frame. I like the Vortex down tube and the D-shaped chain stays. It’s also light but suited for harsh riding.

It’s no secret that you ride four pegs, have you always ridden like that and what is it that has kept it that way.
Yeah I have always ridden four pegs. It makes me feel balanced on my bike. When I come across new spots it’s cool because I can switch it up and keep it fresh.

How do you like your bike to feel?
I like a lighter bike that feels solid.

Is there anything specific about the way you set your bike up that’s custom to the way you like to ride?
I run a tight chain, four pegs, no brakes, low seat, grip flanges cut off…keep it street!

How long does a frame last you and how often do you like to replace parts?
A frame usually lasts me a while depending on how I ride. And I usually just give my bike a tune up every month to keep up on it and keep parts fresh; like if it was a nice car.

You have a pretty wild “do or die” type style but at the same time it seems like you can handle whatever you set out to do. Can you describe your mental process when it comes to doing big set ups and crazy shit like double tire rides down round rails.
Yeah you can say that I have a do-or-die mentality. I’m a weirdo when it comes to riding. I don’t like taking any run-ups because I get scared so I’ll just go for it. But sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t.

Do you have any trips or plans set up yet with Stolen for the New Year?
Yeah we are trying to set something up for January. There is nothing official yet but somewhere hot though.

You are always out filming, what are you working on lately?
I have been filming for some new projects with Stolen and Primo so be on the lookout for a few new things.

Want to list any shout-outs or thanks?
I would like to thank the fam because they’re the best. Dave and Paul at Stolen Bikes, John and everyone at Primo/Tip Plus, Rob at Quintin, Nick Benson, and of course you Pavía and The Union for this.

Any last words?
Follow me @chrisbrownla (Instagram) and give these guys a follow too @stolenbikeco @BMXPrimo.


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  1. PagodaLife says:

    Chris Brown Rides Again, looking forward to more. Peace!!

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    That PRIMO hat is dope!



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