Frostbike 2014: Stolen

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Stolen BMX

Cruising right along! Since we were there on the final day, and thanks to the crazy roads, we were a little late to catch up with Stolen‘s, Dave Davenport, but we were able to snap a few quick photos before their booth got packed back up! Take a peek at what we were able to grab photos of!

Above we have the Joint tire that has been getting a ton of attention since the photos of it first surfaced back in September. These tires are out now and will make your bike pop with that color.

 photo IMG_8905_zps3b0e9156.jpg

The Rebellion front wheel.

 photo IMG_8906_zps1bb65b59.jpg
 photo IMG_8907_zps42fd050f.jpg

Heist complete! How sick are those heat tube badges?

 photo IMG_8908_zps868e2a78.jpg
 photo IMG_8909_zps3e6f1fe6.jpg
 photo IMG_8910_zpsec80adba.jpg

Casino complete!

 photo IMG_8911_zpsbf290160.jpg
 photo IMG_8912_zps16e46d5b.jpg
 photo IMG_8913_zps6d07892f.jpg
 photo IMG_8914_zpsbf083e1f.jpg

The Typhoon fork is looking clean!

That’s all we got a chance to check out at Stolen‘s booth! They have a huge range of products, that we didn’t see, so make sure you check out their website for more. You can pick up Stolen product direct from QBMX right here in the U.S and online through Dan’s Comp as well!


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