Insight: Wethepeople – 2013 Trust and Reason Complete Bikes

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Wethepeople BMX Bike

Anyone who checks this site on the regular knows from time to time I can sound like a broken record. If I got a dollar for every time I said something along the lines of complete BMX bikes these days are amazing, I’d probably be able to quit my real job and update The Union from a private island. Even though I say it all the time, I do honestly mean it. When I started riding about 12 years ago, bikes were on a whole different planet. Frames were made from tensile steel with massive drop outs, extra tubes just because and there was undoubtably some crazy geometry going on. Bikes came with one piece cranks standard, wheels bent in half when you couldn’t muscle the 40 pound bike past 90 degrees on a 180 and it wasn’t uncommon to see ball bearings blowing out of every part of the bike, even ones that didn’t have bearings.

BMX is still young in comparison to pretty much every other actual sport and with time. Mistakes will be made and learned from and technology will advance. Over those years, there’s been one brand that I’ve watched evolve their complete bikes range from some of those bikes I’ve described before to some of the most dialed bikes I’ve seen in the entire world. That brand would be Wethepeople.

This past September they debuted their 2013 complete bikes range at Interbike and I was honestly stuck drooling over the whole range. I couldn’t stop looking at all of the details the bikes had just thinking about how stoked I’d be to ride one of these bikes completely stock.

Then, the other day they dropped a video that showcased two of their higher end completes, The 2013 Trust and Reason, being pulled straight out of the box and handed over to two riders who were able to hop on them and do whatever they wanted with them. It got me thinking it would be cool to take a closer look at those bikes to see just why they’re special. Luckily, Paul Robinson over at Wethepeople was nice enough to hook it up with some photos they shot during the filming of the video (which can be found after the jump) and a couple photos of the bikes so I don’t completely bore you.

Let’s take a closer look…

All photos by Tim Dalhoff

The concept for this project was pretty straight forward. Wethepeople hooked up two local riders, Thomas Wegerhoff and Florian Koch, with one of their Trust completes and one of their Reason completes to build up and give it a go inside a private warehouse setup to get their first impressions of the bikes. They tossed photographer Tim Dalhoff into the mix to document the whole thing to see how it all went down.

BMX bikes
BMX bikes

The guys pulled the bikes straight out of the boxes and put them together. Tightening down every bolt and pumping up the tires.

BMX bikes
Weapon of choice? 2013 Reason.


Looks like the bike can hang with tooths.


Weapon of choice? 2013 Trust

BMX bikes

Toboggan action.


Behind the scenes action for you.


The bars were spun.

Overall, it looks like the bikes were able to do what these guys wanted to do on the setup they had to work with. Sure, the test wasn’t sending bikes down 30 stair rails, taking 15 foot drops off roofs or flairing the mega ramp quarter, but in reality how many of you do that on a regular basis? Even if you are, I’m willing to bet you that the bikes would hold up just fine to any of those scenarios.

Both of these guys who rode the bikes said over and over again that they were shocked at how good these bikes were out of the box. That’s coming from two seasoned dudes who have seen and rode their share of bikes. Pretty impressive for complete bikes to say the least.

Wethepeople Trust complete BMX bike

All right, so let’s talk specs. Above we have the Trust. This bike starts off with a full 4130 chromoly frame that has a 75-degree head tube angle, 70-degree seat tube angle, 11.6″ bottom bracket height, 8.5″ seat stay height and a 13.2″ chainstay length. The frame features butted tubing, a gusset on the down tube for strength and removable brake mounts for you brakeless guys. The full 4130 chromoly bars have a rise of 8.65″, width of 28.5″, 11.5-degrees of backsweep and 1.5-degrees of upsweep. The rest of the bike features Salt Plus “HQ forks, WTP Raptor grips, a Salt Delta front load stem with 50mm reach, Salt Plus Geo brakes, Salt PRO 19mm, 48 spline, 175mm chromoly cranks, Eclat Slash nylon pedals, a 25 tooth Salt Plus Echo sprocket made from 6061-T6 alloy, a Salt PRO cassette sealed rear hub with a hollow 14mm axle and a 9 tooth 1-piece sealed driver laced to a Eclat Trippin double wall rim and a Salt Pitch Mid 2.30″ tire, the Salt Expert front female front hub is laced to a Trippin aero double wall rim with a Salt Pitch Mid 2.30″ tire, a Wethepeople Trust pivotal seat to sit on and the Salt AM pegs to grind on.

The bike comes in two sizes; 20.5″ or 21″ top tube lengths, with color options of black or blue and a weight of 25.13 lbs. (without pegs or brakes).

You can pick this bike up for $659.99 on Dan’s Comp or have your local shop here in the U.S hit up Seattle Bike Supply to get you one ordered up. Live outside of the U.S? click here.


The Reason complete is a step below the Trust with a lower price tage, but still features a lot of the same parts. This frame features a frame with a 4130 chromoly top tube, down tube and chain stays. The top tube is tapered. The frame has a 75-degree head tube angle, 71-degree seat tube angle, 11.8″ bottom bracket height, 8″ seat tube height and a 13.2″ chainstay length. You can find full 4130 chromoly bars with a rise of 8.5″, 28.5″ width, 12-degrees of backsweep and 2.5-degrees of upsweep, a Salt Plus “HQ” 4130 chromoly fork, Salt Raptor gips, a Salt AM top load stem with 50mm reach, Salt MTO V2 brakes, AM tubular 8-spline, 170mm 3-piece cranks, Salt Forum nylon pedals, a 25 tooth Salt Pro 6061-T6 alloy sprocket, the Salt AM sealed cassette hub with a 9-tooth 1-piece cassette driver laced to a Salt Plus Summit double wall rim and the Salt Pitch flow 2.20″ tire, the Salt Epert front female hub laced to a Salt Valon single wall rim with a Pitch Mid 2.30″ tire, the Eclat Unify fat seat and post combo and a set of the Salt AM pegs.

The Reason comes with a 20.75″ top tube length, color options of black or red and a weight of 25.35 lbs. (without pegs).

Overall, both bikes look great and come fully loaded to handle the riding that guys with experience can throw at it. This won’t be a bike that will be blown out after the first session and should last most entry level to mid-level rider a long time. The best part about these bikes is that they are spec’d just like a completely custom bike so if you ever wanted to get some aftermarket parts for it, they will work. That’s also a huge plus for riders as they progress.

You can pick the Reason up for $499.99 on Dan’s Comp or you can have your local shop here in the U.S hit up Seattle Bike Supply to get one ordered up.
Live outside of the U.S? click here.

I’m personally really impressed with what Wethepeople was able to do with their complete bikes for 2013 and I hope this opened your eyes up a bit to it. You can check out their full range of bikes from the little 16″ Seed complete all the way up to their Champ 26″ by Clicking here.

You can find out more about Wethepeople and their products by visiting their website —

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