Welcome To 2013

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It’s crazy how fast 2012 went. The year was jam packed with amazing people, amazing places, crazy videos, dialed photos, fresh products and more. It’s the first day of 2013 and we are excited to see where and what the new year brings us.

We would like to thank every single one of the 383,239 different people that checked out The Union this past year from around the world, all of the brands that supported what we’re doing, all of the riders and industry members who let us grill them with questions and all of the different people who contributed photos, videos and words for our original features.

None of this would be here without you guys and we’re looking to be able to do A LOT more in 2013.

The new year is looking to be real interesting and between The Union and our partners, Bikeguide, The Merged, Flat-Matters, Can You Dig It and Free-Coaster. We hope we can be your go-to place to keeping you guys entertained with all the best BMX has to offer from the people, videos, photos, products, events and more. We’ll be doing our best to bring it to you every single day so we hope you will be checking it out!

Let’s do this! – Kurt Hohberger



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