10 Trick Tuesday – JB Peytavit at the Reithalle Skatepark

It has been a while since we’ve seen JB Peytavit’s name pop up, but it looks like he’s been crushing it on his BMX bike like usual! Check out this weeks 10 Trick Tuesday where he gets some time in at the Reithalle Skatepark!

French shredder JB Peytavit lays waste to one of Germany’s sickest parks, one trick at a time. On JB’s last visit to Germany, Philip K├Âlsch met up with the park and dirt rider to film a new 10 Trick Tuesday episode in the Reithalle Skatepark in Ulm. The long-established skatepark has just recently been rebuilt and offers heaps for a guy who rides as well as this. This looks soooooo fun.” – Epic TV

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