Animal – Behind the Scenes in Buenos Aires

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The other week, some of the Animal team headed to Argentina to check out the spots, visit some shops and see what the place had to offer for good times. This is a little behind the scenes look at what they got into, but they saved the good stuff for the new DVD that’s due out soon. Take a peek! Ryan Navazio did an awesome job with this one.

Navaz went to Buenos Aires with Jared, Tom, Steven, and Belcher back in March. We sent those guys over to finish up filming for their parts in our upcoming QSS#5 video. This is a firsthand look from Navaz at life for our crew during their stay in Buenos Aires. QSS#5 will be released free, online May 17th. Check out the feature in DIG BMX Issue 94 ”The Video Issue” for photos and interviews from the trip.



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