Colorado Life?

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Elliot Van Orman just dropped this awesome edit from his time he spent in Colorado recently while visiting his brother Ted Van Orman. Check out some damn good riding on the trails, street and parks the state has to offer. So good.

This HD film documents a trip I took to Colorado, USA filled with BMX, Traveling, and Adventures where it was shot on location from June 22nd to July 1st, 2012 in Denver and other places throughout the state.
Ted Van Orman, Nathan Fons, Pat Sabo, Ryan Tague, Danny Peirce, Joe Gargiulo, Aaron Sanstad, Cody Barger, Dustin Orem, Kc Badger, Scott Adelmann, Jeff DeGryse, Brett McKown, Chris Brugos, Kelly Wrobel, Alex Stawinski, Adam Baker, John Reed, Kenny Skorupski, Ryan Kargol, Paul Williams, and Many Others…
Song 1- “Strike”
Composer- AudioQuattro
Song 2- “Swansong”
Composer- Josh Woodward
Song 3- “Happy Lazy Strumming”
Composer- Joel Hunger



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