Props – Issue 40: La Revolution Toronto

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I’ve been so stoked on all of these old issues of Props they have been uploading lately. This video is seriously a highlight reel of legends. Enjoy!

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Riders from around the globe hit up Toronto’s Metrojam course in this classic section from Issue 40 of Props Video Magazine.

Featuring Brian Terada, Bruce Crisman, Stephan Prantl, Bob Scerbo, Jamie Spritzer, Van Homan, Allistair Whitton, Dustin Guenther, Robbo, Pat Juliff, Josh Heino, Garrett Byrnes, Aaron Behnke, Brian Wizmerski, Ruben Alcantara, John Heaton, Ryan Sher, Jay Miron, Jim Cielencki, Mike Judge, Jason Enns, Taj Mihelich and more. Circa 2001.

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