Rad! The Exhibit

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This is pretty rad. If you are in the Los Angeles area July 4th through August 3rd, I’d highly suggest you make your way to the La Luz de Jesus Gallery to check out an art gallery featuring Radical Rick’s creator, Damian Fulton! Get the full details below!


July 4 – Aug 3: Damian Fulton “Rad!”
Damian Fulton’s “Rad!”
part of a two-person show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Damian Fulton and Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker July 4-July 27, 2014
Artist Reception: Friday, July 4 8-11 PM Featuring Live Performance
by The Insect Surfers at 9 PM Sponsored by Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum
Online Gallery Preview to begin June 27
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 666-7667 www.laluzdejesus.com
Damian Fulton “Rad!”
Before the X games, GoPro videos, and energy drinks, a kid with an over productive Rad gland virtually invented extreme sports. 35 years ago Radical Rick first raged through the pages of BMX Plus! Magazine and launched the career of Artist Damian Fulton. Since then Radical Rick has appeared in over 150 comic episodes, on T-shirts and posters, more than a few tattooed body parts, and continues to influence artists today.
To commemorate Radical Rick’s 35th anniversary, “Rad!” brings to La Luz de Jesus gallery the
largest collection of original Radical Rick artwork ever assembled, featuring original paintings, magazine covers, and beautiful water colored story pages from the artist’s personal collection. Rad! also includes new, never seen before Radical Rick inspired artwork painted just for this exhibit.
Influenced by Zap Comix, motorcycles and hot rods,
horror movies, classic cartoons, and a dose of Mad Magazine, Damian Fulton still paints today and his “Urban Surf”

art is exhibited around the world. www.damianfultonart.com


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