Ride It Out


Here’s a look at Elliot Van Orman’s latest video from Detroit! Check out some footage he collected this month from a few street spots and a hell of a backyard trails and ramp setup! Plenty of good riding a good vibes from this one!

“Ride It Out”
This HD film documents BMX action in the Detroit, Michigan area where it was shot on location in June 2013.
Jamie Chalmers, Brian Stewart, Trent Newkirk, Ryan Poeppe, Glenn Skowronek, Cody Cox, Sonny Goodman, Mark Filipowicz, Stevie Jessome, Dylan Thayer, Alex Crandall, Jacob Hossack, Cody Martz, Zach North, Jack Phillips, & more.
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Song 1- “Ride It Out”
Composer- Dan Phillipson
Song 2- “Discovering Your Path”
Composer- Chris Hodges
Both music tracks licensed @ pond5.com
Shot on: Panasonic HD AG-HPX170
Edited and Colored on: Final Cut Pro 7.0

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