Video Recap: 10/15 – 10/21

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Wow… Sitting here at 11 PM on Sunday wondering where the hell this week went! Another blur stacked up with some damn good edits. This week I’ve picked out 15 of the best edits from the Daily Section that are MUST SEE’s or worth a second look for sure. I’ll save your time since there’s a lot of riding to get to so let’s do this!

Federal is notorious for producing phenomenal web videos that get some insane views because of it. This new video featuring their team in Frakfurt, Germany is 10 minutes of reasons why I’m giving this video the top spot for the week.

Federal’s recent trip to Frankfurt saw newest team member Tammy Mccarley make his debut for the team, only to get broke off a few days in. Fortunately Tammy has some skills behind the lens and spent the remaining days helping to capture what went down. Featuring Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Bruno Hoffmann, Michal Šmelko, Jared Washington, Ollie Evans and Tammy Mccarley.
Filmed by: Charlie Jobling and Tammy Mccarley
Edited by: Edd Allen
Music: ‘Trippin’ by Zion I, ‘Almost Cut My Hair’ by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and ‘Promised Land’ by Edan

THIS is BMX. Check out what went down in the Rumble Pit during the New England Jam Chowda last weekend.

Cooper Brownlee always does an amazing job with these The Package videos from Focalpoint. Number 7 is nothing short of a must see.

Riders: Sam Illman, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Rory Matthews, Lachy Swanton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Bolton, Phil Del Tito, Troy Charlesworth and Jack Kelly.
Edited by Cooper Brownlee.
Filmed by Cooper Brownlee, Rhys Yeomans, Daniel Johnson, Kym Groser, Luke Vandenberg and Mike Vockenson.

There is a reason this video from Total BMX has 91,600+ views in less than a week. Alex Coleborn melts brains.

Alex Coleborn spent a few days in Greenville during September 2012 filming for this edit on behalf of Total BMX Bike Co, as we have come to expect with Alex the riding is ground breaking, and fresh.
Filmed&edited by Dan Foley. @DanFoley_

What happens when you put Greg Illingworth inside The Bakery? Awesome riding happens. So into this.

The Bakery presents Greg Illingworth
Filmed by Grant Castelluzo and Jeff Wescott
Edited by Jeff Wescott
Special thanks to Fox Racing for helping make this happen.

Tom Stretton is the man! Toboggan icepick grinds anyone?

Ten Clips – Tom Stretton V3
from Colony BMX PRO 4 days ago
Tom put in some work on this one, 5 hours I think?
Shot at Deagon park in Brisbane, Australia.
Filmed by Troy Charlesworth and Cooper Brownlee
Edited by Cooper Brownlee

These Skapegoat videos that Bob Scerbo and Animal have been releasing are nothing short of damn good. The footage might be a little rough… but the riding is so good.

The final part from Wethepeople‘s adventure to the Northwest!

The Pacific NW is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. But it’s slowly being unveiled as population grows each year, causing our cheap rent to go up and our traffic to increase. Chester and the crew took off to find out the hidden gems and stop off at some shops along the way. This is Part 2 of the trip.

How Jeff DuPaul sat on this footage of Stevie Churchill for a YEAR is beyond me. I wouldn’t have been able to sit on footage like this for more than 10 seconds before wanting to show people.

From a winter session in 2011” – Jeff DuPaul

Matt Priest is always a treat to watch ride. Style Matters people!

We are pleased to present Matt Priest’s first Sourcebmx edit! Filmed Primarily on a recent road trip throughout the South of France and also in and around the UK.” – Source BMX

With a crew like this, you know some damn good riding is going to happen. Even if it is B-Roll footage.

Dan Lacey, Ben Lewis, Alex Kennedy and Ollie Evans destroyed Barcelona all week long filming for the upcoming DUB BMX DVD ‘Homegrown’. Not only has this recap edit got some amazing B roll clips from each rider but it also features each of them giving some insight in to how this trip came together and what they got up to whilst there…

You can also check out some of the daily updates from the trip over on our MVPBCN blog here: Click Here

A massive thanks to all the riders involved, the DUB crew, Ride UK Magazine and Fernando Gomez for being the best spot guide on the planet! To check out some more from the trip on Twitter or Intagram remember to check #MVPBCN” – Monster

There’s no doubt that the Texas Toast Jam was even more successful than last years event and that it was one of the most talked about events of the year. Ride BMX put together this real good recap video from the entire weekend for all of us that weren’t fortunate enough to make it out.

The Seventies team is absolutely stacked so it’s no surprise they killed it during the Vans Rebel Jam. Check out the highlight reel for proof.

Ben Hennon – Hoffman Bikes, Primo
Bas Keep – Cult, Primo
Phil Demattia – Kink, Dub
Dakota Roche – Cult
Josh Roberts – The Make, The Shadow Conspiracy
Scott Ditchburn – Dub, Subrosa, The Shadow Conspiracy, Lotek
Alex Kennedy – Cult, Primo
Vince Mayne – MacNeil
Filmed and edited by Mike King
Song: Emay – She Calls

Thee Peep Game videos are always loaded up with heavy hitters. This new park edit is nothing short of that!

a variety of clips that have just been sitting on my computer
Zack Gerber
Jesse Valpone
Jeff Kocsis
Alan Negron
James Hess
Devin Albino
Jose Querpo
Michael Swift
Seamus McKeon
Rick Scott
Sean Ricany
Garrett Reynolds
Tony Neyer
filmed & edited by:
Steve Croteau

Cult‘s Australian connect, Minty, definitely turned some heads with this new edit. Absolutely dialed riding in this. Plus, John Young did a great job with the filming and editing.

Music: Ernie Hines – My Generation

That wraps up this weeks edition of Video Recap! Make sure you check back next Sunday to see what drops this coming week! Until then, make your way to the front page for more Originals, the Daily Section to see all the latest videos, news, products and more or hit up Bikeguide to check out what’s going off in the forum!

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