Video Recap: 12/24 – 12/30

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Another week has gone flying by. This past week, even though most of the companies have been on vacation, the Daily Section still saw a ton of goodness. Check out 14 videos featuring the likes of guys like Dan Paley, Jeff Cadger, Alex Donnachie, Mike Hoder, Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Joe “Butcher” Kowalski, Dennis Enarson, Pika Rodriguez, Dan Closser and more! Let’s get into this already!

Is there really any question as to why I picked the final part from the BSD “Living For The City” video is the top spot?

Dan Paley, Jeff Cadger and Alex D killing the Glasgow streets…
For more from ‘ Living for the City’ go to
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby.

Mike Hoder is a smooth beast on the streets!

Mike Hoder’s part from QSS 3 Foreign and Domestic

This past week, footage of Brett Banasiewicz getting back on a bike for the first time since the crash he took earlier this year surfaced online thanks to Catfish. This is seriously incredible and so good to see. Brett has progressed an insane amount since his coma and I really can’t wait to see how much he progresses in 2013.

If you have ever wondered why Joe “Butcher” Kowalski is a legend, this should answer your questions… Superman peg grabs.

One full week with Dennis Enarson and the Markit team? Sounds like a good time to me.

Dennis Enarson rides on point, his BMX style is an example of hard work and how it pays off. Ride with Enarson and San Diego’s Markit BMX Crew for some motorhome adventures. Enarson and crew travel from spot to spot and get down in the streets for week of fun times without a team agenda. See how Dennis Enarson lives on the road in this Alli Show.” – Alli Sports

I think we can all agree that the stacked Shadow Conspiracy team had a hell of a good year.

Man, 2012 was insane. From the good ol’ US of A, to Germany, and from skateparks to the streets, the Shadow team killed it. Check out this compilation of our favorite clips from the year.

This edit of Pika Rodriguez for The Make turned out real good. Creative spots, awesome riding, clean filming and editing. I don’t know what else you could want.

Filmed and edited by Chris Bouquet

This edit is awesome for the fact that Dan Closser kills it, but at the same time it sucks because these trails no longer exist. Why would anyone want to destroy this place?

Seattle’s Dan Closser rides these memorable Lynnwood trails that were torn down this past year. Dude’s smooth flow and dialed trail skills are worth checking out.
A few words from Tyler Deschaine, who made this edit: “I’ve wanted to film an edit with Dan Closser ever since I first rode with him years back. I gotta say Dan is one of the smoothest riders around. His silent bike and dialed trail skills actually make it hard to film him. You can never hear when he’s coming down the line! We all had a rough fall this year losing our spot Lynnwood, so this edit has a deeper meaning that most would know. But one thing is for sure, Dan killed every line there, and this edit highlights that.
Big deep heart felt thank you goes out to all Shovel and the Lynnwood locals that helped make that place what it was. This project wouldn’t have been possible without all of you!
Also a shout out to Kurt, Project, and Cale at Solstice, the Dart locals and Black Diamond!”
Filmed / Edited: Tyler Deschaine
Additional Filming: Shovel and Jon Bonthius
Artist: Ten Years After
Song: I’d Love to Change the World
Album: A Space In Time
” – S&M

Red Bull is notorious for doing events at some pretty strange locations, but this one has to be one of the weirdest.

Ben Hennon won Red Bull Ramparanoia, the BMX competition held in the Campo de Piedra Pomez (Pumice field), located in Catamarca, Argentina, 4000 meters above sea level. The riders were forced to adapt to the demanding elevation and heat, trying to ride a bike on a surface that had never been explored by a BMX athlete before.

I was actually looking forward to this video to drop not knowing if it would happen or not. Take most of the wildest riding that happened in 2012 and put it all together into one edit and you will get this.

Fourth compilation of Best BMX Tricks — I can’t put ALL the tricks in my video, thank you for your understanding !

Edited by Paul Calvière
Twitter : @_iSnoo
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*Stay Strong @iMaddog9

You cannot go wrong with a crew like that at a park like Joyride. Plus, Justen Soule filmed and edited it, so that’s double points.

This is a NEW / OLD edit from Joyride 150. It was shot and edited several months ago, and was supposed to go to Vital, but it never ended up making it to the web. The footage needs to see the light of day, so it’s going to the web right here instead!
Riders include: Drew Bezanson, Steven Moxley, Mike Gray, Brandon Webster and Chris Silva.
Filmed & Edited: Justen Soule

Craig Passero and Charlie Crumlish together in one edit makes for an awesome watch. Both of these guys have been on it this year.

A gift from Charlie and Craig to everyone who shows us and TIP Plus brands love. Thanks! Here’s to a solid 2013.

This is part two from Jonathan “Pandilla” Camacho’s bio edit. I still have no idea what he’s saying, but I can guarantee you don’t need words to understand how damn good this guy is!

Last but not least, Ryan Nyquist and Seth Klinger getting awesome on some cement parks in California.

Ryan Nyquist and Seth Klinger set out to tame three cement parks in one day throughout Northern California. The guys kick things off with a solid session in Scott’s Valley before making their way to the Jim Keeffe Skatepark in Ben Lomond, CA. Nestled up in the trees, Ryan and Seth cruise the uncrowded transitions. Finally it’s on to Menlo Park for the afternoon session. With big walls and plenty of cement, this spot is a perfect way to cap the day. Big airs, barspins, and even some doubles before dark. That’s a wrap!” – Network A

That wraps up this weeks edition of Video Recap. Make sure you check back next Sunday for all the best edits from this coming week. Until then, make sure you hit up the front page for more Originals or check out the Daily Section for all the latest videos, news, products and more!

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