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Over the last few years, Bruno has been developing into an insanely talented rider. Every time I see footage of him, it’s way better than the last time and it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. After recently joining the Federal and Cinema teams and even getting his own Red Bull case, I figured it was time to finally get Bruno an interview. Let’s find out what he had to say along with some photos courtesy of Tobias Paul…

Name: Bruno Hoffmann

Location: Siegen, Germany.

Sponsors: Federal, Vans, Red Bull, Cinema, Dub, Green Films, The Con

Years riding: 9-10


What was it that first got you into BMX? Any random early memories just come to mind?
I guess it was because there is an old building yard just behind my house. S a couple friends and I always used to ride our normal bikes there, building jumps and stuff. At some point we got the German mag “Freedombmx” in our hands, so it all started from there. A random story might be me trying an abubaca on of the “jumps”, on the biggest, heaviest bike knocking out seven of my front teeth. I was 7 and it was my first bike, from a discounter; A fucking piece of shite! It’s all good now though and I think my lads were more shocked than I was.

You made the switch over to Federal a few months back. How have things been going so far? Do you have any signature goods in the works? How about videos or trips with the team?
Yeah, in the beginning of this year I went to Federal, and to be honest, I’m more than happy with everything so far! We went to San Diego in Winter which was sick, then I visitied Lacey and the whole Seventies Crew in Hastings as well. There are more trips, also with the flow homies, planned so I’m looking forward for that. Other than that I should get the samples of my frame soon, which is fucking crazy!! I just feel taken way more serious there, and I’m totally looking forward to everything…

How are things going with Cinema? What do you have going on with them these days?
I think I met Will Stroud a couple years back when he was filming at a German comp in Berlin. Then at the ending of last year he called me and asked if wanted to ride for Cinema. That was crazy because I remember being at the typical Friday “party” over here, getting a call from an unknown number in America. I was fucking excited, haha! But yeah it’s awesome, I already got a couple clips with my man Markus Wilke for a welcome edit, but it hasn’t been too easy filming. Like, I don’t have car or my license, he has a lot of stuff do to and I don’t have always time as well. But still there should be something coming out soon. Other than that, there is a Cinema trip going on soon aswell, so that should be nuts.

What about Vans? Are there any trips, signature goods or videos or web edits in the works? It seems like they always have something cooking these days with the team.
Vans is fucking sick. They started hooking me up with some shoes, but I remember that even before I was chilling in low Vans all the time. Anyway, I was on the German team for quite a while and then they asked me if I wanted to go to the Europe Team, so obviously I did it. They have the sickest shoes and always come up with nice clothes and collabs as well. I couldn’t be happier, especially since both my homies Markus and Slayer are on Vans too, so there are always good things going on somewhere. It’s also pretty cool that Alex Mayol is doing all the video stuff for them since he is one of the best dudes ever. (check his site on>)

Do you have anything in the works with Red Bull at all? Have those crazy boxes with your photo on it been released? How crazy is that for you to be featured on something like that?
Haha, yeah, they actually have been released two days ago in the local supermarkets. It’s pretty funny because I mostly just go there to get beers or Rizzlas. I’m not really crazy about it, like, I haven’t framed any of the packages… but I think it’s fucking sick that Red Bull decided to put such an easy trick, like a bunnyhop instead of a frontflip superman, on to the packages. There are other ones with Sebastian Vettel (F1 driver) and everybodys mate, Ryan Shekler. Other than that, they’re also cool about putting in some money to replace wood in our local skatepark, and right now we are trying to figure out a little warehouse to rent for the winters…The free drinks for parties are just a nice bonus..


And finally, what’s good with DUB these days? Do they have any big jams or anything real good you are going to be apart of any time soon?
DUB is fucking dope, and I feel like they doing everything right. I´ve been out to Liverpool a couple times and everytime was better than the one before. They are just a crew, that always have been a crew and now they can fly to Malorca for Trips and do their own T-Shirt brand. It’s definetly sick seeing kids in Germany wearing DUB Shirts, and I know Jack has sick plans for new projects like the almost famous Dub Jam’s as well!

So these past few months you have been all over. Where have you been? Is there anywhere in particular that you really want to get back to?
Yeah, this year has been crazy so far. Right after Christmas the Federal Cali trip took place, and then there was a Vans trip to Austin. Besides that I went to England a couple times to Hastings or the south in general, and to Liverpool. Then the Nike Pool Jam took plac. It’s crazy looking back, also because I always have to arrange the days with school which isn’t too easy sometimes. My teachers are sound though, especially when you tell them you have a comp. or a “ Photoshoot”. They wouldn’t understand it, if I told them I’d be in Van with 8 more guys without any challenges or goal, riding several cities on the other side of the world.

What is your travel schedule looking like for this summer? Anywhere you haven’t been that you want to get to?
I think there are some things coming up, but I don’t know exactly when. That’s sick though, I love just going somewhere. One thing I’m pretty sure I want to go to is Boardmasters in England. It’s like a big festival with a street comp, I think. More important it’s a festival and I’m trying to bring over some friends from back home.

It sounds like you just got done spending some time with Dan Lacey. What did you guys get into? Any wild stories from the trip?
Haha, yeah, it was awesome. There are loads of stories, but I’m not sure if I can type them up here. One thing that was amazing, was staying with Lacey in Austin after that Vans trip to film a bunch more for an upcoming frame promo. That was awesome, cruising from Riverside to the City everyday!!

Dan wants to know how much he annoys you, haha?
Haha he doesn’t annoy me at all, only when him and Bas or Paley try to make fun of my German accent. Haha, I just tell them to speak German so I can rip them for their accent, but since they can’t speak any I’m the winner. Eh Lacey, fuck off man. haha

I feel like there is no way you couldn’t have been invited to X Games street this summer? Were you invited?
Haha, I don’t know anything about being invited but I would definetly be tripping if so. It’s mostly an American thing anyway, innit.


Do you have any other contests or anything you are planning on hitting?
As I said, theres this Boardmasters Festival in England, and some Contest in Germany I think. I also wanted to go back to Helsinki for Summer Simple Session since last year was pretty cool. Not even the skatepark but more like the City, parties and girls…

I feel like you are always filming for something these days. What are some of the current projects on your plate? When can we expect a “scrap” edit or something to pop up online?
I’m filming an edit that comes out when my frame is ready for Federal, and as I said theres this Cinema Edit as well. Besides that, I met up with Max Gaertig a couple times to film, since he’s about to do a video as well and the already mentioned DUB DVD, that should come out at the end of Summer. I don’t think I have enough stuff for a whole section but I’m looking forward to finish all these things.

Let’s say Red Bull hits you up and they say they are giving you a huge budget and a van with a driver for a week. You can only bring 5 riders, 1 filmer and 1 photographer. Who do you bring? Where do you go? Why?
Haha, actually I was already thinking off asking them to do exactly this type of thing. I would bring Tom “Slayer” from Germany, my homie Mario from Siegen, Simone from Italy, Lacey and Dan Paley since he is a funny cunt. The filmer would be Alex from Greenfilms and the Photographer Martin XMX from Germany. He´s straight edge and everything so it is always funny being somewhere with him. He’s always up for going out, and I remember him getting me drinks at a party when I was underage. He shoots sick photos as well.

It seems like you are pretty much capable of everything on a bike. What’s one trick you can’t do for the life of you?
Haha, fucking barspins I´d say. It’s just not fun learning or trying them I think.

What do you think you would be up to these days if you never got into BMX? Where do you think you would be today?
I’m pretty sure I would still go to that school, but besides that probably not much. I’ve never been into soccer so that’s whats most people around my age do. I’m not realy too much interested in computers as well so I couldn’t be a gaming addict like Paley and loads of other people are. I haven’t really thought about it, since I´ve always been the kid riding a bike through my town. I’m fucking stoked though, that I can do what I do and I’m super happy I actually get out of my town quite often. It’s not that it is shady or rough, it’s just that there’s not much going on, basically nothing.


What are you usually up to when you aren’t riding these days?
I’m still going to school for one more year. When I had to choose if I´d stay or go to work I decided to do 3 more years of school. Looking back, it’s the best thing I could do. It’s a good reason to get up in the morning, and all my friends who are working now, fucking miss the school time since it’s pretty chill compared to a 9-7 job. Besides that, I´m not doing much since school, riding, having naps and chilling with the lads. Haha I’m damn looking forward to the day I’m graduating though, so I don’t have to be home for certain dates..

It seems like the more a person travels, they tend to learn a lot of crazy things. What are three things you probably wouldn’t know or have experienced if it wasn’t for BMX?
That is fucking true! Even when I can’t think of a certain thing, I’m just feeling self confident. Just coming home from a trip and seeing all the people, who are barely able to take a train to the next city, knowing that I can do shit on my own is good. It’s just that my City is kind of in the middle of nowhere, compared to bigger cities so I feel like some, or actually loads of students from my school, don’t have a clue what the hell is going on, more than 50 kilometres from there house. So it’s definetly nice seeing new places and travel to countries none of my family has ever been to. It’s also sweet to not ask my parents for money to go somewhere or to do something.

How are the ladies treating you these days? I feel like having your face all over a Red Bull case is an instant panty dropper.
Haha, since that stuff has only been out since a little while I don’t have any stories yet. But there a couple of cool ones around here. It’s weird because a lot of the girls have, since they live in some shitty ass villages, boyfriends for 5 years at the age of 18 you know? They all know exactly what they pretend to want to be in 10 years, as well so I can´t even bothered talking to most of them. Some are hot though.


Have you been put in any crazy situations lately? It seems like BMX attracts trouble or crazy shit all the time.
Maybe not a crazy situation, but being stranded in Charlotte and Washington was definetly a new situation. Everytime at the Dubhouse is crazy, too. Maybe I just cant think of a certain story now.

What’s something about yourself that might surprise people?
It surprises people around here if you don’t have a drivers license as soon as you turn 18. So that probably, haha.

What’s the last song you heard, movie you watched and website you visited?
Last song I heard was Biggie and Marley “Hold ya head”, movie was Hangover 2 but I fall asleep and website was probably Google.

If you could live as somebody else for one day, who would you choose and why?
I don’t even know I´m pretty happy with my life. But just to see what it’s like being that stupid, probably with Sarah Palin. Haha she is mental, isn’t she?

Who are some of the people who have influenced your life the most these past few years?
Riding wise, I don’t know where to start off. It goes from the nuts shit Sexton, Ty, Lacey, Simone or fucking everybody does to my mates at home who are always fun to ride with. But besides that probably my friends athome and my parents, who´d support me at whatever.. They are always chilling and I´m happy I have such good people athome.


Do your blunt rolling skills in America derive directly from your spliff rolling game in Europe? – Reed Stark
Probably yes.

How do you manage to keep track of where you are during 540’s with that luscious head of hair over your eyes? – Reed Stark
I don’t know man, it’s just the feeling anyway isn’t it? Like if you see, with short hair, that it’s not going to work, you already going down anyway I´d say. Haha I don’t know.

You have been on the Twitter game for a while now. What’s your link and what can people expect when they follow you?
Haha yeah I got over it and signed in to Twitter. My name is @BrunoH666, but I’m not really good at tweeting. I think I haven’t tweeted for quite a while, but it’s just that when I’m home I feel like most of the shit I do isn’t worth tweeting anyway, and when I’m on a trip I barely use my phone/laptop anyways…But still, everybody is welcome to follow me!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I don’t know yet, but I hope I’m not living athome or in my town anymore. It’s not that its completely shit, it’s just that everybody who is old enough wants to go, so I’m definetly trying to do the same for a little while!

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
Yeah, thanks a lot to my parents for always supporting me, not only at riding. Thanks to all the people that hook me up, like Stu, Colin and everybody at Federal and Mad Jon at Seventies, Andy at everyone at Vans, Mini and Matze at Redbull, Will and everyone at Cinema, Jack at DUB, Mayol at Greenfilms, my homies from home, like Mario, Wanja, Makl, Carlo, Eddie, my main man Lacey, everyone in San Diego and Austin for the sick ass time, Ty and Garrett for letting me crash on there floor, Austin in Austin and Lima and Priestie, all my Cologne homies, Markus Willi Wilke, XMX, Dennis Kitzler, my lads from school, and fucking everybody I know that I forgot!! Thanks to everybody, I appreciate it!!

Anything else you want to say?
Nah, man, I´m good. Thanks for the interview!

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