Chris Childs Interview

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Photo: Keith Terra

In my book, style gives me the most satisfaction when watching somebody ride over insane tricks these days. Chris Childs is one example of a rider I get real psyched on because of the ability to make riding bikes look awesome. I’ve had the privilege of crossing paths with Chris multiple times the last few years and I started thinking he was well overdue for an interview. So let’s find out a little bit more about DK‘s newest pro team addition…

Name: Christopher Childs

Location: Attleboro, Ma / Providence, RI

Sponsors: DK Bicycles, Bern Unlimited, Orchid Shoes,

Years riding: 14

What was it that first got you into BMX? Any early memories just pop up?
The reason I got into riding was because of my older brother Mike. Him and all his friends raced and would take me to the trails and parks. I just remember looking up to all these dudes and my brother pedaling full speed at 20ft doubles in the middle of a field that they used to ride their dirtbikes on and hucking three’s and supermans over it. That and riding curbs and home made kickers, haha.

How are things going with DK? The Pro team life everything you could hope for? Have you started working on any projects? Edits, video parts, signature goods, etc.
Things are going well, definately a bit slow due to the fact that they moved warehouses and have been undergoing a lot of changes within DK. I just got back from Woodward and am heading to Columbia in the morning for 10 days so that’s pretty good, right? As for projects, we all are so scattered that it’s hard to get team edits, etc but we all do our own thing and some web episodes should be popping up soon from some filming we had done a little while back. Signature goods would be pretty sweet! But for now I’m just chillin’ reppin my BK passport!

You have been on Team Jeff DuPaul’s pro team for a few years now. How are things going with that? I’d imagine you have some sort of filming project in the works with the most interesting Asian man alive?
Hahah yes, it’s pretty awesome being on TJD. Especially when we get together in the same place which as always is the hardest thing to do. We’ve got a few different projects in the works both individually and as a team. Dylan Stark is actually at HQ this week to kill the east coast, unfortuanately I won’t be here to witness the destruction!

Any other fresh sponsor / hook up news you can tell us about? Word on the street is that rat-tail got you a deal with Pantene. Confirm or deny?
In the works right now is a hook up with Orchid and Bern Unlimited so we’ll see how they pan out. Pantene couldn’t actually provide me with what I need to keep my hair in perfect condition so I gave them the boot. Maybe my boy Paul Mitchell could do me right.


Now that summer has been hitting pretty hard out east, I’d imagine you have been finding yourself down at the trails? Where have you been spending your time riding these days? Any hot spots you have been into?
Honestly I hate the heat. I hate summer and would rather be cold and warm up than be hot and miserable trying to ride. On a lighter note; too much has been going on I’ve been working my job at the bike shop a bunch and riding one of our nice concrete parks. The trails this year are dialed so getting down every week is a goal I have for this summer to help dig and get some shred on. I have spots all over that I don’t ride or tell anyone about because I want to film on them.

Outside of anything mentioned above, have you been filming for anything in particular? I think BMX needs more footage of you.
Nothing besides the stuff for TJD do I have planned. Last time Jeff came up to film for a certain project, I fell from a bridge first go on something that’s been sitting in the back of my head for the longest time, haha. I’m flatered that you think so Kurt, definately appreciate it! After this trip to Columbia I definately need to boogie down with Jeff and get some material out there!

I think I saw a picture of you and your little brother at Woodward. What’s that like having your little brother getting into riding like you? Do you feel like you have to set a good example for him?
It’s awesome. He hangs with all the older dudes and thinks he’s 17. All week he kicked it with Zak Earley, B hunt, Seth Klinger, Ronnie Napo, etc and it’s like he’s not 12. I feel like I’ve set a good example for him to where he’s his own little dude now and knows the roots in BMX rather than sitting on TCU and trying to ride like the trendy guy with the cool edit. He grew up racing as I did and enjoys hitting a 1/4, box or just carving around and it’s awesome that even with the roots fading from BMX in his generation he still gets it.

Photo: Shaun Gingras

I know you aren’t really a huge contest rider or anything, but you can definitely hold your own in a pro class. Do you have any plans to hit any events this summer at all?
I guess I’m heading to Columbia to go to somewhere I’ve never heard of to ride a contest I didnt even know about, haha. Other than that, I don’t have any plans to really do anyhting of the sort. I do wanna make it out to The Bakery and possibly make a little something with BK.

Do you have any other trips planned for the summer you are getting psyched for? Anywhere you would like to go that you haven’t been?
See the previous question ^_^ <--- thats a pretty little azn girl that Jeff would probably dig.Let’s say Jeff throws down for a private jet for 1 week with a big old budget. The only problem is you can only fit 5 riders in the plane. Who do you bring and where do you go? Why?
This question is tough hahah. So I’m not gonna count Jeff in the 5 because he doesnt count when he’s holding a camera. I’d def have to say Denny, why? Party animal, bike shredder, and probably the first pick to anyones top 5 riders to bring somewhere if you want a good time. Next my buddies John Mayo and Bobby Proctor. You may confuse Bobby for me but what are friends for? They will push your buttons further than anyone ever has but when it comes down to it they are my wingmen and shred hard and party hard, except John will fall asleep at a party at 10 pm. Next I’d say James Lukas because he’s kind of creepy and lurkish and will always say the funniest things out of the blue and like anyone of my picks is a killer rider . Finally, I’d say Dylan Stark because him James and I need to finish our beatbox album and I’d like to see him kill whatever he rides.
As for a place to go I’d say Barcelona, I wasn’t there for long enough last summer and had the best time of my life and I’d want everyone of my dudes to experience the pleasure of being in a place surrounded by amazing spots, beaches, nightlife and sketchy dudes trying to rob your cars.
Oh, and Stevie Churchill for a backup if someone got severly ill and couldnt make it. He chugged 4 beers before I drank one at my place last summer.

What do you think you would be into if you never got into BMX?
Skateboarding most definitely. I always bring my board to the park and skate my mini ramp more than I ride it

What are you up to when you aren’t riding? Do you work or anything at all?
When I’m not riding I’m prob chillin, Playing FIFA 06 on regular xbox with bobby, working at the bike shop or with my band rocking on.

What’s something about yourself that might surprise people? Are you really good at anything outside of BMX?
I’m really into writing, I can imagine some people are gonna have something to say about it but I enjoy writing and am working on not being so lazy to write a book. I also think that if people that ride came to one of my bands shows they’d be a bit surprised .

Photo: Bobby Proctor

So you’re in a band, huh? What kind of music do you guys play? What do you play?
Correct I am, We consider ourselves emotional hardcore. It’s really instrumental and lyrically based. I do vocals in the band.

Do you have any shows coming up at all for people to check out? How about a place to check out your music online?
We have a tour when I get back from Columbia down the east coast and play shows often up here. We just released our new full length “The Frozen World Thawed” our name is Remainder and you can check it all up on

I noticed you have been putting together some edits lately. Is it something you are starting to get into, or just something you do for fun?
The edits are something I like to do, I like making edits that are just chill and show more of my everyday riding rather than something I filmed just for an edit. Every kid wants to film the next banger for his edit and throw it on the web, but I want to show how I ride rather than the newest move I learned. There’s a time and place for filming edits and parts but I don’t think that means you have to throw everything straight to the web and blow up for a month then just be that kid when someone else did it better or with more “style”.

It would appear you have a babe for a girlfriend. What’s the Chris Childs key to success with the ladies?
Haha, she’s quite the babe. The key I guess is the eyes, you gotta lure them in so at the end of the party after not talking to them they come up to you. I guess I just get lucky but it’s premeditated luck.

Photo: Vincent Perraud

How’s that Twitter life treating you? Why should people follow you?
People shouldn’t follow me, hahaha, but you can if you want. I hate texting and the internet for the most part. I only tweet when I feel it is neccessary… kind of, or to communicate with my friends even though I have their actual phone numbers, haha. – @ChrisRidesDK

I know you know how to get down. What makes for a good night of partying for you? What’s the drink of choice?
Straight Jager will do it for me. It’s enough to get me going and to party hard and at the same time it never over does it until something else gets thrown in the mix. Luckily enough, I don’t really get hangovers and don’t throw up, haha.

If you were locked up for having too much style, and you got the death penalty. What would your last meal be?
A slice of vegan buffalo chicken pizza from Nice Slice in Providence along with a orange cream soda, Nesquik Strawberry milk, moms homemade mac n cheez and a bottle of gnarly head (wine).

What’s one thing you could use more of and one thing you could use less of?
Sleep, and sleep.

Last song you heard, movie you watched and website visited?
Song: “Maybe” off of my boy Dono’s new album
Movie I watched? I’m not sure, I wanted to watch Transformers 2 all day but never did so that sucked.
Website was definately Facebook. Facebook will take over and continue to ruin real life generation after generation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully in school, riding my bike and living comfortably.

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
So many so I’ll narrow it down, Mom, Dad, Mike, Cameron, my best friends Mayo, Jeffy Chimp, Bobby P, Jeff D for the past two years with Tjd, 4 pegs, foot tall ledges, Scott Criv at, Brian Hunt, everyone at DK, Rick at Union Cycle, Vic at Circuit/trails, and anyone who’s been around to ride and have a good time!

Anything else you want to say?
I hate to be salty but kids should learn how to ride their bikes before they learn every trick. I can tell when kids don’t have bike control and need to do a flipwhip or double whip air to hit a box or 1/4. It’s sad. I’m salty just like Jeff Dupaul.

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