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Lloyd Wright BMX

Lloyd Wright has been somebody I’ve wanted to get an interview with for quite a while. His riding is really on key and just seemed like an overall good dude. I was talking with Jay from Kink the other day and he said Lloyd was hanging out in the house out in California with them and we figured it would be a good chance to get that interview done. So check out what Lloyd had to say, some photos, and recent edits including the one that dropped yesterday. Don’t forget to leave him some love in the comments too…

Name: Lloyd Darling Wright

Location: Currently living in Long Beach, CA

Sponsors: Kink Bikes, Seventies Distribution

Years riding: 6

What was it that first got you into BMX? Any early memories come to mind?
I guess my brother got me into BMX. He rode for a few years but quit to play football, so I nicked his bike and started riding with his mates.

How are things going with Kink? Sounds like you have been enjoying some time in California’s sun in the Kink House?
Yeah, we just got back from the west coast tour, so I’ve only been here a few days. It has been amazing so far and I’m sure it’s only going to ge better.

What’s new with Seventies? You are working there when you aren’t living the dream in Cali, right? What do you do there?
I had to quit to come here for 3 months, but while I was there I did anything I was asked to do, haha. Most of the time I was the product photographer and “web guy”, I guess. I updated the Federal and Seventies blogs, the Seventies Twitter and , the Flickr page and helped out in the warehouse packing orders when it was busy. It was the best job I ever had.

I’d imagine the girls are loving your accent here, huh?
It turns a few heads here and there.

Where all have you had the chance to go while you have been over here? Anywhere in particular you would like to go before you head home?
I got to go quite a few places on the west coast tour but I didn’t really get to experience anywhere except Arizona, which was sick. I really want to go back, everyone was super cool and there was stuff to ride everywhere. I’d like to try and get out to Austin sometime while I’m here, also. Bas, Lacey and Mad Jon are always singing its praises so I’d like to see if it lives up to the hype haha.

Actually, how long are you staying over for? Could you see yourself switching teams and living in the U.S?
I’m here till the end of january, as for me moving here, things are looking up for me spending a lot more time here with these guys.

How about when you are home. Where can you usually be found riding these days?
It depends where I’m living, if I’m at home in Buckinghamshire then my friends and I usually drive over to Milton Keynes or get the train into London to ride street. If I’m in Hastings where I work then I usually ride the ledges in the Seventies warehouse or go hit up Brighton when I can with Mad Jon.

Lloyd Wright BMX
Photo: Charlie Jobling

It sounds like you guys have been filming pretty heavy since you have Darryl in the house and what not. When can we expect some fresh footage of you popping up? Do you guys have any plans for another DVD anytime soon?
Hopefully I’ll get some clips in the next web video if I pull my finger out and film something, haha. As for a DVD I’m not too sure and I cant ask Jay right now because he’s at the gym beefing up for the UFC.

Have you had any run ins with some of the kooks out in California yet? I’m willing to bet playing the “I’m not from here” card has got you out of a bit of trouble by now?
I haven’t had any run ins with any cooks here in Cali yet, but I did witness a few on a 4 a.m ride back from a bar in AZ. People who are wandering around at 4 a.m don’t like giving you directions.

It seems like you are a pretty dialed rider… but what’s one trick that you can’t do for the life of you that might surprise people?
I can’t x-up for queen or country, my bike just folds over.

I’d imagine you never expected BMX to bring you halfway across the world, huh? What does your family think about all this?
I always knew I was going to travel with my bike but I never thought it would be the reason why I was there. It’s so amazing, a dream come true for sure. My family is really into it. My dad has always been 100% supportive of my riding, he had always said do what makes you happy, and riding makes me happy, so he’s cool with it.

What do you think you would be up to if you never got into BMX?
I’d probably have a full-time job in a supermarket and possibly a kid by now. That’s what most the people I went to school with are doing now.

What are you usually up to when you aren’t riding or working?
Partying, reading, chiling with my girl, going out in my dinghy trying to catch fish haha.

It looks like you have been getting real good at shooting photos as well. When did you start getting into cameras?
Thanks man, I think I was about 16 when I started shooting photos. It’s been a real slow progression but things seem to be coming together recently, which I’m pretty happy about.

What is your camera setup looking like these days?
Not great, haha, but I run a Canon 20d body, Canon 50mm 1.8, Sigma 10mm 2.8 fisheye, Bronica sq-a with a 80mm ps lens, Sunpak 555 flash, Nikon sb25 flash, Some old vivitar flash, and some ebay slaves. I did have a Ricoh af-5 that I picked up for 4 euros in Berlin but I left it in a hire van which I’m wounded about. It was my favorite camera.

Lloyd Wright BMX
Photo: Jeff Allen

Do you see yourself persueing photography as a job or is it just something you do for fun?
I could see my self getting into it one day. I think it’s the only job I could do without going mental, haha.

Who are some of the photographers you are really into?
I really like Scott Pommier’s stuff. Especially his chasing thunder photos. They make me want a motorbike so bad! In BMX, I really like Ricky Adam, Dan Benson, George Marshall and Jeff Allen’s stuff.

It seems like things are really starting to roll for you. What are some things you would like to accomplish in 2011?
My main aim is to get back over here to ride and hang out with these guys some more. I’ve never had so much fun.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or so years?
Hopefully owning my own Canal Boat so I can chill on the waterways of England for the rest of my life.

What’s one thing you currently don’t have, but wish you had?
A Canal boat

Do you have any relation to the architect Llyod Wright? Did your parents think they were funny naming you after him?
He’s my great grand dad. They hoped I would follow in his foot steps and make a mil… Joke’s on them.

It looks like you have been on your Twitter game. What can people expect from you on there? What’s your link?
Random rants about stuff, updates on how mental Jay Roe is, what we’re up to at the house. I guess people will just have to follow me to find out haha. lloyd_wright_

What’s the last song you heard, movie you watched, and website you visited?
The last song was Call to Arms by The Black Angels, the last movie I watched was Dead Girl. It’s so fucked up catfish was offended by it, haha, and the last website was elwoodruffle.co.uk

Do you have any shout outs or thanks?
Thanks to Seventies distro and Kink bikes. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you!

Anything else you want to say?
Stay in school kids.

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