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Nathan Williams BMX
Photo: Andrew White

Well, it would appear that 2011 was one busy year for Nathan. He travelled the world, filmed and is filming for multiple video parts, rode a few contests, picked up a few new sponsors, found some time to film and edit a new edit and managed to answer some questions for us. I’m not really sure how he can handle being so busy, but I guess that’s what you gotta do to be a pro these days. I figured with all the newness going on with him, it would be a good time to catch up and find out what’s new. Let’s see what he had to say…

Name: Nathan Williams

Location: Nashville, TN

Sponsors: United, Etnies, Monster, Cinema, Eclat, Dan’s Comp

Years Riding: 9 or 10 years

What’s new with you and United these days? It looks like your signature line got a bit of a revamp for the new year, right? Do you have anything else like trips going on with them anytime soon?
Well, we just finished up our new DVD called Downtime which the premise for that was we spent 5 months in a house in California and just filmed and enjoyed the California weather. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Christian and James really killed it.
As far as changes to the frame we have done a few minor changes but nothing to major. I still love the way the frame feels so there wasn’t a whole lot to change. And for trips there is talk of a South America trip sometime the beginning of the new year, which will probably be some sort of web thing. Got some good things in the works over there for sure.

Nathan Williams B data-recalc-dims=
Photo: Andrew White

You also have your own signature colorway for that United X Etnies collaboration, right? Can you tell us a little about that?
Well, Ian told me that they wanted to do a collaboration with Etnies and United and asked if Ashley, Corey, and myself would want to do colorways of whatever shoe we wanted, and also doing colorways of complete bikes, and a few clothing options. They all just came out I believe so go check them out.

Nathan Williams BMX
Photo: Andrew White

So you were picked up by Éclat recently. How did that all come about? You have a signature pedal in the works with them, right? Anything else like team trips or anything you are looking forward to?
Yeah, Shane Weston hit me up one day and asked what I thought about riding for Eclat. At the time I was riding for DUO so I just told him I would think about it. The more I thought, I just realized how it would be since I know all the guys on the team and they are all so rad. The guys at DUO were awesome as well and I want to thank them for everything, but for me it just seemed to make more sense. I still ride for Cinema though so I still get the chance to work with everybody at GreenHouse still.
As for signature parts we are working on a stem and pegs right now. I’ve seen some drawings already and everything is looking really good. Looking forward to that. There are some awesome trips coming up with them as well. We are going to be working on a Eclat video which will have a little bit different concept then a regular video, but there will be 4 or 5 big trips with the team.

What about Cinema? Any trips, videos, signature goodies in the works?
We are also working on a video for them as well. Its still in the early stages so I’m not sure exactly how it will be but either way I’m looking forward to it. The whole team is so fun to go on trips with and be around so it will be super fun.

Cinema Wheel Co.
Will Stroud, Dakota Roche, Sean Sexton and Nathan on a recent trip to Barcelona. Safe to say the video from this will be good.

Any other sponsor news you might have?
I recently started riding for Monster. It’s going to be a really fun deal because it will be Dakota, Will Stroud and myself and Monster wants to do 5 big trips to wherever we want to go. We get to just film, have fun, and then do a web series from the trips. Really can’t wait for those.

So you are coming down from an insanely busy summer. Where were some of the places you had the chance to go?
Well, I was living in california from January to August and 5 months of that was spent filming for the United DVD mostely. I went to China for the Asian X Games and we had that Cinema x Etnies trip to Denver and then a Blackout trip from Denver to LA. Also, had a trip to Europe for an Etnies deal. It was a pretty busy summer but I loved it. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nathan Williams BMX
Photo: Andrew White

Are you going to be doing some chilling in Nashville now or is the schedule still loaded up?
The schedule is still pretty full for the next 3 or 4 months. Which works out really well because it’s getting cold in Nashville and that means no street mostly. I’m stoked on all the trips but it means I don’t get to see my wife as much as I want to. She’s gets it though, she’s awesome.

What have you been doing when you aren’t riding these days? Any new addictions on the iPhone or anything?
Na, not really. I try actually to stay off my phone as much as I can these days. It doesn’t always work but its still good to be conscious of that kind of stuff.

Nathan Williams BMX
Photo: Andrew White

Are you still on your Twitter game? Can people count on knowing what you are up to on there?
I still get on twitter but its more just when I’m on trips mostly. I do at home too but just not as much. I’m not that interesting to be tweeting all the time, haha. Nobody wants to hear about my trip to the grocery store or something like that.

Want to keep up with Nathan? @United_Nathan

What’s the last song you heard, movie you watched and website you visited?
Sons of the West- Prairie Queen, My Idiot Brother, The Come Up

Anything else you want to say?
Thanks to all my sponsors and my friends and family for being there always.

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