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adorexia is a condition I first heard about from the movie Lucky Number Shlevin…
It basically is a state of mind where you have no fear or anxiety.

Okay? so it is a state of mind, what is this a zen moment?
No… but I got thinking about it when I first heard about it and then it slowly turned into an obsession.
So I got thinking about it; is there a way to actaully achieve this?
adorexia would be no joke if it was a legit thing. I don’t know if it really is, but the idea of it is this dream to me almost.

Imagine being able to look at your biggest fear and it wouldn’t even phase you. Imagine being in a relationship and then the girl (or guy) decided to go back with their ex and you had really little to no emotional distress to it.
Imagine being able to just constantly be in a balanced state of mind that just never had like high stress or depression?
That basically would be what adorexia would be.

I say adorexia is my dream… but I feel like, okay I might sound a little crazy, but I feel like I might be getting closer to it. I know there is ways to completely like control your body in different ways ya know like tantric stuff and like what the buddist dudes did or do? (I think thats who I am thinking of)
So why couldn’t I do this? I mean as of right now I don’t drink. I have never smoked, I have never done a drug in my life, and I am physically in shape. I feel like I would be in a pure state of some sort that would help with it right?
I used an example above in the “Imagine” section of a relationship, I had a situation, we weren’t exactly together but I mean it was close enough I guess.
When the news broke it didn’t even really phase me all that much. Yeah I was bummed a bit because I felt that she was a very important part of my current life. It sucks being shafted, however I start to realize I wasn’t on the same page as her and I think it is easy to get over it. But maybe it is adorexia? maybe I am just not phased because I just have some sort of control over my emotions?

I don’t know… I just thought of another thing to talk about in another post, I have nothing going on so I think I will post my thoughts.

So. Adorexia. Is it real? I don’t know… Do I want it to be real? yes.
Will I ever actually experience it… who knows? I am sure I will let you know when I for sure know.



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