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Here we have a new video for you to check out. Chris Crouch might be a name you aren’t familiar with and that’s okay. It’s always refreshing seeing riding from a new rider you haven’t checked out before, especially when style over powers the number of tricks they do. Chris grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida racing and as you can see in this edit, he developed plenty of style from doing just that.
These days he fills his days as a CAD technician, but when he’s not working you can probably find him cruising the Ocala trails, Stone Edge skatepark or Daytona skatepark like you can in this new video. There are fufanus and abubacas in this edit and no barspins and tailwhips. That’s what I’m talking about! Enjoy!

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Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing
Song: Restorations – West River

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  1. Jerome peel says:

    Stileman, manual-king.



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