The Union Winter Session 2015


The past few years we have partnered up with Over The Top Skatepark here in Minnesota to throw our annual BV JAM that has always been a good time! After doing contests for the last few, we decided to mix things up a bit and just throw a massive session at the park as an excuse to get everyone together to ride, have a good time and get hooked up with a ton of FREE product from our sponsors!


The Union Winter Jam is going down February 14th from Noon – 8PM! It’ll be $10 at the door like a normal session! The main goal of this is to get everyone together to ride and have a fun session since it’s pretty hard to get motivated when the wind chill is -35 degrees like it has been a few times this winter! We’ll be throwing different mini jams throughout the day like a rail jam, best trick on different setups, foot down, longest skid, the vert wall sticker challenge and more to win product! Also, we’ll be doing a big product toss at the end with everything we don’t give away throughout the day!

So, if you’re looking for a good time. Get to Over the Top Skatepark at Bluff Valley Campground in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota on February 14th! We promise it will be a good time!

HUGE shout out to all the sponsors for this year to help us make this happen! We want this to be the biggest session to go down this winter!

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Product: United Bike Co. – Region Frame

United Bike Co. Region BMX frame

If you have been on Instagram or Facebook the past week, there’s a good chance you might have caught a look at the new United Bike Co. frame, the Region, that was designed by the U.K’s Tom Sanders! This frame has a lot of unique details that really made it stand out, so we hit the guys over at United up get a few photos and info on the new frame so you can get a good look before it drops here soon! Let’s take a closer look!

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Photogallery: Grand Belgrade Hotel with Erik Elstran and Luc Legrand


If you have been following Hadrien Picard’s Lumia Pureviews series this past year, you would have caught on by now that he has been creating some amazing videos with some amazing riders in some pretty untouched locations all from Lumia phone. The other day we were treated to the latest video in the series featuring Erik Elstran and Luc Legrand in Belgrade, Serbia! Belgrade is one of those places that we simply haven’t seen anything from in the past, so giving these guys free reign on some untapped spots was bound to lead to some amazing things. Needless to say, both Luc and Erik were able to produce some amazing footage. Today, we have a little behind the scenes look with photos that Hadrien shot throughout the trip for you to enjoy! Check out the full photogallery by visiting the link below!

Check out the full photogallery here!

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The Art of the Head Tube Badge


In a world like BMX, there’s a lot of details that can make a world of difference from a riders style to products. When it comes to products, there’s no denying that we have seen quality of BMX frames greatly improve for instance. With that being said, a lot of the biggest changes have come to the aesthetics of the frame. Smaller tubing, cleaner welds, integrated pieces like seat post clamps and brake mounts, investment casting for cleaner and stronger joints, tapering, butting, CNC machining and more all make a world of difference. However, there is one piece that we don’t see all too often these days that, personally, we feel can really give a frame that little extra look that can remind you that frame building is an art; the head tube badge. We started digging around to see where we could find the classic head tube badge these days and compiled a few for you to check out! Let’s do this!

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Photogallery: La Ultima Street Jam Barcelona

Ruben Vigil BMX photos

The other day, our good friend Ruben Vigil hit us up with a few photos from the La Ultima Street Jam that went down in Barcelona, Spain recently! Although the temperature was chilly, it didn’t stop over 240 riders like Emile Bouwman, Vicente Candel and Jorge Rodriguez to turn out for the good times! We have a fresh photogallery from that day that you can check out by visiting the link below!


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Product: Subrosa – Nickel Bullen Thunderbeast Frame


This past summer, Subrosa gave Nick Bullen the well deserved bump up to the pro team after kicking a bunch of ass on the Skeleton crew for a while! To start off 2015 right, they have given Nick his own signature colorway on Scott Ditchburn’s Thunderbeast frame along with a signature Pizza tripod seat that’s in the works as well. We were digging this shiny piece of work, so we figured it would be a good time to take a closer look at the Nickel Bullen Thunderbeast! Let’s do this!

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Photogallery: Joao Figueiredo

BMX photography Portugal

It’s always a good day when a new photographer hits us up with a sample of his work! João Figueiredo is a new name to us that comes from Lisbon, Portugal that we were real impressed with! The scene in Portugal has definitely seen a lot of growth these past few years and a lot of talented riders, filmers and photographers have come from that! We knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to introduce you guys to João, so we just dropped a brand new photogallery by him featuring the likes of Ruben Alcantara, Diogo Santos, Hugo Almeida and more! Hit the link below to take it all in!


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Products: Vol. 136

BMX bikes parts frames

Christmas is closing in and that means it’s time to let people know what you need to get that bike of yours dialed in for the new year! It’s that time of the week where we take a closer look at 5 dialed BMX products you might just want or need to add to that list of yours! This week we’ll be checking out the Acoustic stem from Profile Racing, the new Revolution bars from Freed Bikes, the Inceptiv fork from The Shadow Conspiracy, the Combat snapbacks from The Daily Grind, then we’ll wrap things up with Stefan Lantschner’s signature Montana frame from Fly Bikes! Ready? Let’s do this!

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Now and Then: BMX Frames

Macneil Ruben BMX frame

The other day while I was moving some things around in the garage, I got caught up looking at the first aftermarket frame I ever owned. I’m sure a lot of you saw the photo above and knew instantly that the frame is Ruben Alcantara’s signature Macneil Ruben. Looking at it, I really started to focus in on the different features of the frame and just how much has changed over the years to improve frames making them lighter, stronger, simplified and easier to ride. Although this frame is from the early 2000’s and there is A LOT of history that came before it, this was one of the more progressive frames at the time. I thought it would be cool to compare the Ruben frame to some of the frames that are available today and talk about some of the changes and innovations that have come since… Let’s take a closer look!

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Products: Vol. 135


Time sure is flying by! Another week has cruised past us and it’s that time to take a look at 5 dialed BMX products! For this weeks Products: column, we’ll be checking out the new Chris Childs signature Jackal bars from Sunday Bikes, the Orion rim from Kink, the Devil Disc sprocket from Subrosa, the Ruben Alcantara signature Rampera tires from Fly Bikes and then we’ll wrap things up with the new Tom Villarreal signature Celestial colorway from Madera that people are going crazy for! Ready? Let’s do this!

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