Life On A Boat with Mannie Nogueira


A few months back, our friend and photographer Nick Nogueira hit us up about a trip that he was taking to meet up with his brother and flatland rider, Mannie Nogueira, who had been spending the past few months riding BMX during live shows on a cruise ship. Nick asked if we would be interested in checking out the final results once he got back, and of course we couldn’t turn that down! We hadn’t heard anything, then today Nick hit us up with some words and a bunch of photos from the trip where he got a front row seat into just what Mannie had been up to lately. We’ve seen BMX pop up in some interesting places and we’ve seen BMX lead riders to places all around the world doing what they’re good at. This is definitely one of those interesting places and stories to say the least, and it left us a little bit jealous! Take a look and see just why!

Check out the full story and more photos below….

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Let’s Talk BMX Shops and the Direct To Consumer War


Yesterday, Vital BMX released an Harry Main Interview that really fired people up. In fact, FBM and Ride UK have both chimed in on their perspectives on why Harry’s perspective is wrong and the direct to consumer route is not benefitting BMX, at least not in the correct way. I’ve been thinking about the subject quite a bit since I originally read Harry’s responses and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to chime in. Honestly, going into this blog post I was originally just going to link to FBM and Ride UK and see if we could get any discussion going… Then I decided I might as well point out a few of my thoughts on the value of BMX shops and everything… Then it turned into a big long write up. So, let’s just get into this.

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Perspective on the Future of BMX Contests and Nitro World Games


Generally, we try and stay away from heavily opinionated posts on the site, since we feel our opinion is just one voice of many, many BMX riders around the world and everyone has a different perspective on this sport of ours. But, today we are seeing a lot of discussion about the future of BMX contests after seeing the plan for the Nitro World Games, which is ultimately looking for a new way to expose BMX, moto-x, skateboarding and a few other action sports to the masses in hopes of pumping the industries full of energy and revived life that many feel is struggling to get the attention of the masses anymore. So, we’re going to toss out our perspective and then we’re hoping to get a lot of discussion going in the comments whether it be here, Facebook or really anywhere we can get riders to discuss their ideas or dreams of where to take this thing we call BMX next.

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Slovenian Scene Report

Slovenia BMX scene

One of the best parts about BMX is that you literally can go anywhere in the world and either find something to ride or meet somebody that rides. Sure, some places have some of the best spots and there are more riders than you could imagine, but there are places “off the beaten path” so to speak that are almost untapped places with spots and experiences you cannot find anywhere else in the world and only a few riders who are working to keep the scene alive.

The other day, we received an email from Tyrone Kelly who recently decided to take one of those “off the beaten path” trips to Slovenia, which we don’t see a lot from when it comes to places we see videos and content coming from on a regular basis. The goal of the trip? Experience something new and meet some riders he had yet to have the opportunity to catch a session with.

Although this place may not be as beautiful as a city like Barcelona, Spain, it still had an amazing story contained in it. Tyrone put together the story of his trip and collected a handful of the photos he shot during his visit for you to enjoy below. Take a look and start looking at the map to find somewhere you have yet to experience!

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Evolutions of the BMX Fork

Hoffman Bikes Super BMX Fork

The other day we got thinking that it has been a while since we’ve done an Evolutions feature. We got thinking about some of the different BMX Forks that burned their design into our brain over the years, and then decided to reach out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get a few good ideas of some of the classic BMX forks that have been available over the past 10-20 years. Originally it was going to be the past 10-15, but we got a few suggestions that we couldn’t pass up. Similar to the Evolutions of BMX frames post we did looking at how frames have changed, we’ve seen quite a few changes in almost every aspect of a BMX fork in that time period. So, if you want to take a walk down memory lane… Let’s do this! If we missed something good (which we know there always will be) let us know in the comments at the bottom!

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Raise the Bar: A Look At BMX Bars


If you have been around BMX long enough, you have seen trends come and go, things get bigger, then smaller, then bigger again. At the end of the day, BMX has been working to find the perfect size that ultimately makes riding a BMX bike feel better and ride better. There’s been A LOT of trial and error over the years and we’ve seen things go from really rough and unreliable to very detailed and dialed. There’s a lot more that goes into developing a new product than drawing something up on a napkin and hoping it works… Which has happened in BMX’s fairly short existence more than once. I personally have been riding BMX for somewhere around 17 years.. You kind of lose track after a while, but it’s somewhere around there. In that time, there’s been A LOT of changes from every aspect of what makes a BMX bike. Products are very refined and it seems like we see new products with only small changes in degrees and millimeters these days that can make all the difference in how a bike can ride and in general feel, which is pretty amazing. One thing in particular that we’ve seen change A LOT over the years are handlebars. When looking at other parts of a BMX bike, it’s safe to say that bars have grown in size the most in comparison to where it was when I first picked up a bike… Let’s talk about this a little bit.

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Insight: BMX Frame Geometry


With it being the time of the year when we start seeing a bunch of new BMX Frames being released or the latest version of a previous model, we figured it would be a good time to take a closer look at what those numbers like 74.5, 13.25″ and 71 really mean, and how that can change the way your bike will feel and ride. Over the years, BMX frames have been refined over and over again to not only offer a superior product, but a frame that is truly designed for the type of riding that you are doing. Now days, it seems like we’re seeing micro adjustments to keep up with the trends or just Minor Details being added to the frames to make them stand out. If you’re considering a new frame, or just curious how the geometry of a BMX frame works… Keep reading.

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One Night at the Nitro Circus

Travis Pastrana Nitro Circus

Growing up, the idea of going to the circus consisted of seeing a bunch of wild animals you normally wouldn’t see, crazy acts, full grown adults decked out as clowns and sometimes some cool stuff like motorcycles, cannons and fire. It seems like over the years people have started to crave seeing crazier things thanks to TV and the internet essentially desensitizing them. So, when it comes to entertaining people, it better be pretty damn wild to make it worth while… At least for people who are more into action sports and “adrenaline junkies”.

By now, there’s no denying that you have heard of the Nitro Circus. Between the TV shows and the constant flow of crazy videos popping up on Youtube, it’s hard to miss them. Travis Pastrana has essentially formed this massive crew of crazy people from BMX riders to freestyle motocross, scooters, rollerblades, skateboards and pretty much a few guys who are just crazy enough to send it on whatever they can take a ride on. Since the show took off, they started touring to stadiums around the world doing shows filled with wild riding, never before done’s and a lot of goofy stuff just to see if it could be done or to get peoples reaction. Add in two hype men, one being BMX’s own Andy Zeiss, some loud music and plenty of fire… You’re bound to get people pretty excited…

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Our Two Cents: “To The Teenage Boy at the Skatepark”


If you have been on Facebook, Twitter or a few of the major news sites over the past two or so days, there’s a good chance you have seen the story about the mom that wrote that letter “To The Teenage Boy at the Skatepark“. It’s a pretty interesting story and it’s safe to say that it can be taken as a positive story or completely different.

In our opinion it’s something that is really important to have this kind of mainstream attention. Outside of our little bubble, BMX and skateboarding has a pretty shitty reputation. Kids that ride BMX and skateboard for the most part are all looked at as trouble makers. I mean, how many of you have been stopped by the cops for cruising around on your bike because they think you’re causing damage to private property? It happens. It’s a real thing and that assumption gets brought over to the local skateparks we’re seeing everywhere because that’s where we all hang out when we’re not out causing more problems… right?

Let’s talk about this…

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Interbike 2015 Recap


Finally catching up after last weeks chaos known as Interbike 2015! As some of you might know, this was my 8th year in attendance and I was able to cover pretty decent ground doing things on my own. During the three days, I was able to snap photos of 31 different brands products and get them posted up. Unfortunately there were a few I missed due to time constraints and obviously the issue of having to find time to make it to all the suites for the brands that weren’t willing or able to get a booth at Interbike. I’ve gone through and compiled all of the links to the different posts for you to get a look at everything that was taken in. Obviously with there being 3 days and needing to cover 31 brands, there were probably things we missed or got incorrect, but for the most part it’s all there. Take a look at all the booths below and see what there was to see. We’ll be compiling a “Best Of” for each brand, so check back soon to see that!

Interbike 2015: Subrosa

Interbike 2015: The Shadow Conspiracy

Interbike 2015: Mutiny Bikes

Interbike 2015: Bone Deth

Interbike 2015: Fly Bikes

Interbike 2015: FBM

Interbike 2015: Stolen Bike Co.

Interbike 2015: Mutant Bikes

Interbike 2015: Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts

Interbike 2015: Kink Bike Co.

Interbike 2015: Fiend

Interbike 2015: Wethepeople, Eclat, Salt Plus, Fuse Protection

Interbike 2015: Almond Footwear

Interbike 2015: Cult

Interbike 2015: Haro Bikes and Premium

Interbike 2015: The Daily Grind

Interbike 2015: Deluxe BMX

Interbike 2015: S&M Bikes and Fit Bike Co.

Interbike 2015: Merritt

Interbike 2015: Stranger and Primo

Interbike 2015: BSD

Interbike 2015: Odyssey and Sunday Bikes

Interbike 2015: GT Bicycles




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