Cult – “The First Five Years” Book


Today, the mailman dropped off a little surprise that we didn’t expect from the guys over at Cult. Inside, we found a copy of their new book “The First Five Years” that looks back on the first five years of the brands existence. The book is filled with photos, print ads and words that cover trips, events and really just a look at the diverse family that Robbie Morales and the team have formed since its inception in 2010.

It’s kind of crazy how something like this can spark a memory you forgot about. The first thing I thought looking into this was one from Interbike in 2009 hearing rumors that Robbie was working on something new and there would be some interesting things coming about. That was my 2nd or 3rd Interbike and the industry was still pretty new and unfamiliar territory to myself, but you could feel the excitement and tension revolving around how Cult all came to be. It was hard to not take notice and want to find out what was going on.

Since then, the entire Cult (CVLT for those of you who remember the early days) program has definitely proven that the decision to make some moves to do something on their own terms (I say they because it was far more than just Robbie that were driving forces behind making this happen) was right for them. Honestly, in BMX’s tight economy that has really seen some pretty rough times over the past few years, it wasn’t an easy accomplishment to even make it five years, but today they’re still here and one of the most well known brands in BMX. They have seen hardships, a good amount of resistance or hate from some riders and plenty of good times along the way and this book is a good reminder that BMX is more than just about tricks or bikes.

I know The Union wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of Cult, or really any of the other amazing brands in BMX that have been helping to grow and push this sport of ours in new directions and places, and this book is a reminder of that for us personally.

With that being said, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Robbie, Neal, Veesh, Javee and all the guys behind the scenes at Cult making that ship float on a daily basis. On to the next five years.

You can learn more about “The First Five Years” and pick up a copy for $19.95 in the Cult Webstore now.

Volume Bikes “The Finer Things” Giveaway


Have you been wanting to see the new Volume Bikes DVD “The Finer Things“? Well, here’s your chance to WIN a copy along with a few The Union stickers! We’re going to make this one super easy… All you need to do is leave us a comment in the comments section below and tell us who your favorite Volume Bikes rider is and why you want to see the video! Get creative, get weird… Whatever you want! We’ll pick the best comment and get this video on its way to your doorstep! We will pick a winner TUESDAY, March 17th (St. Patricks Day), so get to it already!

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Photogallery: 2015 FLBMX Series: Albacoa by Josh McElwee


Last weekend was the fourth stop of the FLBMX Skatepark Series that stopped in Albacoa skatepark! Although the weather didn’t quite cooperate for part of the day, they were still able to throw an awesome contest that had amazing riding and good vibes! Our good friend, Josh McElwee, was on hand to snap some dialed photos and came through with a new photogallery featuring the likes of Mark Mulville, Chad DeGroot, Matt Coplon, Keith Schmidt, Trey Jones, Jabe Jones, Jack Straiton and more! Check out all of the photos in the link below!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Insight: Kink – Yukon Cassette Hub and Complete Wheel


The other day we posted up the Kink 2015 Parts Collection catalog up on the site that gave us a good look at their full range of frames and parts that Kink have released worldwide this month. Inside, we caught a look at a few items that really caught our eye, including the new Yukon cassette hub. We were curious to find out just what made up this cassette hub, so we got in touch with the guys over in New York and got all the specs and details. Check out more photos and info on the Yukon cassette hub, Nylon hub guard and complete wheel that it is also available in after the jump!

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The Colorful BMX Tire Takeover


Colorful BMX tires have always been apart of the the BMX world, but like every other trend in BMX, we have seen things come and go. Over the past few years, we have definitely seen colors on tires coming back into style after seeing the all black and basic colors like tan wall have its reign for a while. We were just thinking about all the crazy combos that are available these days (or soon to be released) and figured it would be interesting to take a look at just a few of the combos that are currently available… This one is definitely not for the color blind.

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Product: VLNTwear


Are you on the hunt for some fresh threads? Looking for something clean, simple and comfortable? Well, our friends over at VLNTWEAR hit us up with a look at their current range of shirts that might just be what you’re on the look out for! We’ve got all the details along with a special discount code for you to take 15% off your order! Make the jump and get look at just what they have in stock for you!

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The Art of the BMX Pedal


Every now and then we get on a little nostalgia kick and start looking through Google images to find some classic parts we used to run. It gets us thinking about how much things have or haven’t changed with BMX parts and just how crazy things used to be. We recently got on a kick about BMX pedals and started trying to think of a bunch of the classics. We hit up our Facebook page for some ideas and ended up collecting a real good list. We decided to hunt down some photos and piece together this post going through a bunch of favorites with all the different shapes and styles we’ve seen over the years. Ready for this? Are your shins starting to burn? Are you having flashbacks from a time you blasted your shin and blood started running down your leg like Niagara Falls? Well… If not, you will be.

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Photogallery: Nick Steben – February 2015


We’re always psyched when our friend Nick Steben hits us with a set of his latest photos for us to check out! As many of you know, Nick is always on the move, but recently has been spending most of his time in Southern California soaking up the sun and enjoying the endless spots, but has recently made the move back out east. Check out a bunch of photos featuring the likes of Matt Priest, Jeff Klugiewicz, Nathan Williams, Albert Mercado, Chad Osburn, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Craig Mast and more in this new photogallery!

Check out the full photogallery here!

Editorial: Front Brake Perception


In The Union’s existence, we have worked with a lot of different photographers and filmers on original content. We have always wanted to work in some creative writing as well, but we didn’t quite know just how we wanted to go about it. Then, the other week Stuart Fenton hit us up asking if we would be interested in giving something like that a go and we decided to see just where we could take it! Today we are presenting you our first Editorial and we think it turned out great. Let’s take a look at this great piece by Stuart with with a perspective on Front Brakes and their current status…

Over time every style of riding has had a moment in the sun, only to fizzle away and immerge reinvented years later. It’s the Double Helix phenomenon; when one style or fashion is in an ascent, another is in descent. In the context of BMX it means that riding is always evolving and never standing still. Over the last ten years we have seen a park riding boom, a trails revival and now we find ourselves perched firmly on a 3.5 foot waxed marble ledge. The same phenomenon can be observed through the popularity of freestyle era four piece bars, which ten years ago would have been laughable. Four piece bars were the badge of the BMX dinosaur, not the forward thinking BMX revolutionary! Additionally, we’ve also seen the popularity of once neglected front wheel manoeuvres, another remnant of the Freestyle days and the flatland foundations of BMX….

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Insight: Etnies – Aaron Ross Signature Scout Shoe


If you follow Aaron Ross on Twitter or Instagram, there’s a good chance you caught a glimpse of one of his two new signature shoes; the Scout and Marana Vulc. If you have been riding BMX for a while, there’s a good chance that you pretty much rock the same shoes whether it’s riding, chilling or just out around town. A little over a year ago we started seeing a more comfortable style of shoe popping up that is light weight and more ideal for wearing when you aren’t riding. A perfect example of this in the Scout from Etnies. For 2015, Etnies and Aaron decided it would be a good idea to do a more traditional BMX shoe to go along side one of these Scout shoes. We we’re really digging the look of these, so we decided to pick up a pair to get a closer look! If you’re looking for some new shoes to wear when you aren’t riding, these might just be what you are trying to get on your feet. Let’s take a closer look!

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