Giveaway: Arnette Prize Pack

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Our good friends at Arnette have hooked us up with a prize pack for you guys to win. In the pack, you get a pair of their Heavy Hitter glasses in black, a flask, shower towel, koozie, draw string backpack, key chain, stickers and a lunch box sized cooler to keep those sodas that aren’t as strong as what you put in the flask cool. The way we are going to do this, is hit our Facebook and become a fan if you haven’t already, then like or comment on the photo of the prize pack on the wall. Easy as that. We’ll pick the winner next FRIDAY, July 29th for the prize pack. Easy as that. Don’t forget to check out the Arnette site to see all the real dialed sunglasses they have now days, and Arnette’s blog to find out what guys like Brian Kachinsky and Rob Darden have been up to lately. Check out a few closers shots of the glasses after the jump…


5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Arnette Prize Pack”
  1. Alex says:

    Ill bring that bitch some leaves. Bitches love leaves.

  2. jeff moore says:

    I’ve been wearing nothing but Arnette’s for over a decade. I would love the heavy hitters to add to my collection and aside from the shades id really dig the gear. Hook a loyal cat up plz!

  3. Arnette says:

    My first name is Arnette. I wore these sunglasses for a long time, then lost them in the ocean. Where in the hell is the site for the drawing?

  4. Trenton Jaco says:

    man this stuff looks AWESOME i have been a arnette fan ever since my dad gave me my first pair of arnettes they have way more style to there sunglasses then oakley i have 3 pairs of arnettes and i will continue to buy more!!!!!!

  5. Zakk says:

    Dang those glasses are sick! I need a new pair bad! Ive tried arnettes on before and love em! I can not wait to own a pair!



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