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Since Sunday‘s inception, they’ve always been pretty notorious for pushing things with unique frame technology. When I think of their frames the wave tubing and the sturdy down tube gussets come to mind. For 2013, they have revamped their entire line of frames with new geometry, new features, new colorways and even a few new names. I figured it would be a good idea to get ahold of Jim Cielencki to find out more about the changes they’ve made for the line that started hitting shops the other week. Let’s see what he had to say!

Let’s start this out from the beginning. A lot of people don’t usually realize how long it takes to get something made. When did you guys originally start working on the 2013 Soundwave, Broadcaster, Funday and Rooster frames?
We started working on the frames during the fall of 2011 and had the samples for testing in February of 2012. Garrett Reeves, Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Jake Seeley and Scot Draper have been testing the frames since the frames arrived. The frames were pretty spot on with only some minor changes. You can do it quicker, but we like to be more careful with the testing of our frames especially if it’s a new idea.

You decided to freshen up the line with some new frames this year. Why did you guys decide to change names from the Wave, Forecaster and Conductor frames? The Forecaster and Conductor were pretty new additions to the line still.
Change is a good thing. It happens whether you like it or not. If you look closer at the line, there are some similarities between the new and older frames. The Soundwave is the next step in the Wave series of frames which is why wave is still in the name. It has some geometry changes, but retains every feature that we offer and is the best frame we make. The Broadcaster is the next step in the Forecaster line. The ‘-caster’ means a frame with geometry that is suited for more technical riding. The Rooster is our newest trail frame and according to Aaron Day, “The Rooster is built for roasting!” We are very excited about all the new frames.

Was there more changed than just the names? Care to take us through some of the changes you can find on the frames this year versus last year?
Sure thing, the Soundwave basically changed it’s geometry to a steeper headtube, shorter rear end and a lower BB. The chainstays are squared off a bit towards the Director Style wishbone to strengthen the chainstays which helps it with stand some denting. It also improves tire clearance for the larger size tires people are riding these days. We’ve updated the pressure fit cable guide system to a very similar bolt on set up. That way no one can lose the cable guide piece when putting their bike on bike rack.

For the Broadcaster, we were very interested in offering a lower price frame since we already offer very high end frames like the Soundwave, Rooster and Funday. This frame has an even more advanced geometry, comes with a Wave downtube and hollow dropouts. However to lower the price, it doesn’t have some frame features or the 41Thermal lifetime warranty.
The Rooster is an even more trail friendly geometry compared to the Conductor. The HT angle is 74˚, the BB height went down to 11.625” and the backend is 13.75”-14”. The frame is even more refined towards trails.

For Funday, Aaron really liked his geometry, so we kept his Funday the way he liked it. The only differences is the frame has a traditional TT without the Cable Channel. There are some changes for manufacturing purposes, but they aren’t really noticeable unless you are building it.

I know I’m a fan of the wave tubing and the new boxed out chainstays. What would you say your favorite features are with these new frames? What frame are you currently running?
The Soundwave chain stays are really good for sure. I’m really a fan of the hollow dropouts. Every since we invented them back in 2006, I’ve been a fan. The hollow dropouts plus a female axle make the back end of the bike so solid. Back in the day, we had to run cone nuts that dug into the soft metal of the dropouts. You’re wheel was limited to only one position after that happened. Dropout issues were a nightmare that continued well into the 2000s. Hollow dropouts are so strong that I’m using 3/8” axles in the rear wheel. That seems unfathomable after coming from the early 90s The hollow dropouts eliminated the nightmare for me.

It looks like you guys have been focusing on doing some fresh colorways for the team. What are the color options that these frames will be available? Did Aaron run out of neon options?
We are always looking to do new, interesting and challenging things and now is no exception. For the Soundwave, we are doing a Garrett Reeves signature Ice Green color that matches a G-Sport parts kit. This frame also comes in Black Magic. Jake Seeley is getting a Midnight Blue for the Broadcaster frame. Aaron Ross has his Vapor Blue color. He didn’t run out of options, but new ideas came up.

Garrett’s signature Ice green and Aaron’s Vapor blue will also be available on some of the Sunday and Odyssey parts so people can do some matching kits, right?
Yes for sure. Actually, Garrett’s Ice Green came in a G-Sport colorway which was available during the spring. Right now, you can get Midnight Blue Odyssey parts that will match the Broadcaster frame and complete bike. Vapor Blue Odyssey parts will be available in the next few weeks to match the Funday frame and the Aaron Ross PRO complete bike.

Since I know you guys are pretty consistent with keeping the fresh colors going, will there be more options for these frames towards the end of the year or early next year?
New colors will happen in the future, but won’t arrive until the spring.

Do you guys have any plans on introducing some new products outside of the frames soon? New bars, forks, stems, grips or anything like that you can tell us about?
Yes, there are plans for a bunch of new stuff, but I can’t say too much right now. Although I will say the Garrett Reeves grip is thin, grippy and available in the spring.

I know this isn’t really new, but you guys are still offering a lifetime warranty on your frames. Care to share why and what kinds of things are covered with that? How much turn around time does it take to get something warrantied by you guys?
All of our aftermarket frames, forks and bars that use 41 Thermal heat treating have a lifetime warranty against bending, breaking and manufactures defects. It’s not just the 41 Thermal heat-treating that makes our products strong, but we specifically design these products to be stronger with or without heat-treating. For the frames, the super strong dropouts connect to the tapered stays which connect to the Director Style wishbone. These meet up with the seat tube and the stiff Wave DT/TT which are finally attached to the headtube with the help of a gusset. There’s an even distribution of strength across the whole frame. There isn’t one area that has a dramatic difference in strength between the features. Then you add in 41 Thermal heat-treating and you have one of the strongest frames available.

As for warranty turnaround time, it all depends on where you live and if we have the product available at that time. Our warranty guy, Logan, does his best getting people back on their bikes in a timely manner.

I remember reading back in the day you only had a couple frames that ever had to be warrantied. Do you have any idea of the current number? I’d imagine it’s pretty low still.
The original Sunday frame which came out in 2006 was basically indestructible. We’ve had warranties, but they were so low and often took a year or so to come back. We’ve never had a headtube pop off one of our frames like you see every other week on the internet.

Who should shops and distributors contact to get the new 2013 frames in their stores and warehouses?
Most of the frames are available now, so shops should contact our in-house distro, Full Factory, to get ahold of the new frames, bikes or other products.

What do you guys have cooking with the team? Any trips, videos or anything like that in the works that people should be looking out for?
Our latest video in our Vacation series has just come out. There will be a few more videos just before the holidays from Lee Dennis, Scot Draper, Jake Seeley and Cory Wiergowski. I’m working on a 24” video that should be done in the next few weeks. Erik Elstran, Lee Dennis, Jake Seeley and Cory Wiergowski shredded in Austin during Texas Toast, so be on the look out for that one. Beyond that, we are in the planning stages for next year, so I shouldn’t say too much now.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2013?
New bikes, new ideas, new tricks and more fun!

You can find out more about Sunday Bikes and their products by visiting their website —

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