SPOT Roast 2012 Video

The other weekend, the annual Skatepark of Tampa Roast bowl jam went down. This annual get together organized by Matt Coplon is the definition of a “good time” that welcomes anyone looking for a session in this infamous bowl. This year, we sent Brett Rohlfing in to capture the riding going down for you guys to check out. Take a peek at the riding that went down from Matt Coplon, Lee Bennett, Mark Mulville, Sean Albright, Adolfo Martinez, Kent Pearson, Tristan Kemp, Anthony Bolash, Ryan Davis, Chris Pryzwara, Scott Ehlert, Dillon Leeper, Cody Belcher, TJ Degroat and Ben Griswold. It looks like this was a hell of a good time.

Filmed and edited by Brett Rohlfing
Song: Tyler Foresman – Lost Souls



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2 Responses to “SPOT Roast 2012 Video”

  1. dave k says:


  2. Mat says:

    Those are the best sessions. Cruising round a sweet spot with all the homies having a good time! Kudos. Wish I was there.

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