1664 BMX – Ky Brisebois Welcome Video

There’s been a couple of guys up in Canada that have been producing footage like mad lately, and one of those guys is Ky Brisebois. It looks like the work is paying off because he just got picked up by 1664 BMX. Here’s is official welcome BMX video that’s packed full of damn good riding. Hit play and take it all in!

This is Ky’s first official 1664BMX part. This was filmed over the past 4 months through out the rainy winter months in Victoria, BC.
Derek Morgan held down the editing, and filming duties for this. Dealing with rainy, windy, cold, low light winter conditions on most sessions while working on this project its safe to say the boys put in work, and it shows! Enjoy, and welcome to the squad KY!
Filming/Editing – Derek Morgan
Additional Filming – Rayden Wickop, Tristan Sweet
Music – Bones “D-19”, “What ever you do don’t look him in the eyes”

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World Deece X 1664 – Ky Brisebois 2016 Video

World Deece just dropped this new BMX video featuring Ky Brisebois getting it done on the streets of Vancouver for 1664 BMX! This one is definitely unique on the filming and editing, but real solid. Take a peek!

Ky Brisebois cruisin the streets and undergrounds of Vancouver, B.C. putting the new S&M ‘Bonesaw’ frame to the test.

I guess this is kinda like his welcome to 1664 edit considering he recently got put on the am team and he hasn’t put out a welcome edit yet.

Filmed with a GoPro and edited with VHS footage to Vaporwave…

Film // Edit – James Dean – @smokecrackandworshipsanta

Music // eーra // soundcloud.com/eraproject – @fuckoldpeople

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Kink BMX Roll Up Frame

1664 BMX – Chris Cadot Welcome Video

1664 BMX have added Chris Cadot to their line up for 2016! Chris has been crushing it up in Canada for years now, so it’s no surprise they have picked him up! Check out this rad welcome video that’s filled with grind after grind showing you just why they think he’s a good fit for their team!

Edited by: Brad Hill
Song: Caustic Cross by Beach Fossils
Here’s Chris Cadot’s first full edit since being add to the squad this past summer. Chris kills it on both sides of the camera, and is always out working on one project or another, helping push BMX in good ways in his scene. Chris’ positive outlook, and passion for all things BMX, added with his laid back stylish riding style made him stand out to us. Once getting to know him a bit more we decided he would fit in awesome with 1664. Enjoy.

Shout out to Jordan Krupa and Lee Dennis for being the main button pushers but also to the rest of the homies you know who you are, much appreciated. Also thanks to 1664bmx for being down with me. I’m looking forward to the new year!” – Chris Cadot

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1664 BMX – Riley Abramyk Welcome Video

It’s pretty crazy how many riders that absolutely shred are so under the radar. 1664 just added Riley Abramyk to their line up, and it’s safe to say that it was a super good move based off this welcome video. Get familiar with Riley because his smooth street style is something we hope to see more of!

Riley Abramyk is an Edmonton local who has been killing it the past couple years, and had been on our radar for while as well. With his local bike shop/shop sponsor Transition BMX vouching for him, and him already repping 1664 BMX we thought he would be a good fit for the squad, and started flowing him 1664 goods.
Dealing with a couple injuries this past year, including a broken foot, it hasn’t been the easiest year for Riley. But he still managed to come though with this awesome welcome edit for us to officially welcome him to the crew!
Filming by : Mike Orita, Andrew Schubert, Chris Perron, Sean Tiffin, Jared Chilko
Editing by : Jared Chilko
Photo by : Isaac Barnes
Music : Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns

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S&M x 1664 – Isaac Barnes 2015

It’s a well known fact that you can’t go wrong with some new Isaac Barnes footage! Check him out crushing spots with all 4 pegs in this new S&M Bikes x 1664 video!

​S&M Bikes / ​1664 Distro rider and and all round Canadian good guy Isaac Barnes with another solid edit filmed mostly in his hometown of Edmonton with a few Calgary and Vancouver clips in the mix too. Go Canada!

“I have been trying to film for the up coming S&M DVD, got some stuff in the bank, but still wanted to produce some web content for my sponsors so I put this together. So nothing was really planned, just road with friends, and got shit done whenever I wasn’t working, or had extra time.” – Isaac Barnes

Filmed by: Jared Chilko & Andrew Schubert
(Edited by Isaac Barnes)

Additional filming: Mike Orita, Colton Ponto, Trucker Dan, Sean Tiffin, Cody Sisler

Photo: Colton Ponto” – DIG

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United X 1664 – Jared Chilko 2014 Edit

United‘s connect over in Canada through 1664, Jared Chilko, coming through hot with a new edit packed with style. Tons of nose balance, big drops and more! Take a look because you won’t be disappointed!

Our United family guy Jared Chilko from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, teamed up with 1664 Distro and came though with the goods for this 2014 edit. Filmed over Spring and Summer this year and with the help of his friends on both sides of the lens, Jared proves that motivation from your crew can go a long way.

Filmed by: Isaac Barnes, Andrew Schubert, Mike Orita, Riley Abramyk, Colton Ponto, Chris Perrin, Darcy Watson

Edited by: Jared Chilko

Music: May Blitz – Smoking The Day Away

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