Mongoose Jam 2018 – Team Pat Casey

Check out what Pat Casey’s team came up with for their Mongoose Jam video!

Another day, another awesome section from the Mongoose Jam! This time around we get a look at what Pat Casey, Reed Stark, Alex Leibrock and Noah Miranda cooked up with filmer JC Pieri! This one has plenty of team work and no shortage of wild riding. You’ll want to stick around for that ender!

In fourth place, Team Casey delivers some of the hardest combos and synchronized riding of the Jam. Pat Casey, Reed Stark, Alex Leibrock and camper Noah Miranda. JC Pieri delivers some top-notch filming and editing with something a little strange in the intro.” – Mongoose

Jake Leiva – Decade To 360 Tailwhip

It’s pretty insane to think about tricks like the ones Jake Leiva and Dawid Godziek pulled off at the latest stop of the Toyota Triple Challenge…

Another wild #toyotabmxtriple in the books. Congrats to @davidgodziek on today’s win and the series overall. Here’s a couple bangers from the best trick: Jake Leiva (@jake_leiva), decade-to-360 tailwhip for the Best Trick win, and Brandon Loupos (@brandonlouposyo) with a tailwhip cashroll. ?? #bmxdirt #toyotabmxtriplechallenge #bmx

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While a large portion of BMX was focused on the FloriDeah Swampfest this weekend, the latest stop of the Toyota Triple Challenge series went off down in Texas. During the contest, there was no shortage of bangers going down and two tricks that Keith Mulligan shared are absolute mind benders… Jake Leiva pulled off a Decade to 360 Tailwhip and Dawid Godziek pulled a Tailwhip Cashroll. It goes to show the level of progress that BMX is at when it comes to sending it over some massive dirt jumps. Both tricks make little sense and almost seem to defy logic of the way gravity, physics and every other force works. Jake’s Decade to 360 Tailwhip is more like a Decade to Tailwhip to 360… We’re not sure how he magically stopped and started spinning in the process. At least it appeared to be that way. Either way, both tricks are absolute bangers and we figured this was well worth a share for people to check out. Expect to see more footage of these tricks and the whole event soon since Monster has been putting out videos after each stop of these contests. We’ll get the videos posted up as soon as they surface, so make sure to check back!

Haro Bikes – Alex Leibrock Cruisin’ California

Alex Leibrock made the trip out to California to soak up the sunshine and spots for his latest Haro video!

When the snow is flying and the cold temps hit, there’s a handful of places that are ideal for a trip to pass the time. California is always a good bet to make when planning a trip. Haro‘s Alex Leibrock recently spent some time out in California cruising skateparks, pools and street spots, stacking clips all along the way! Check out what he got into in this new video. The video is pretty chill, but don’t let that fool you… There’s some heat packed into this one!

Alex Leibrock heads west to Southern California to escape the east coast winter to ride as many December sessions on the BMX as possible!

Filmed, Edited and Music by Marty Shields.

Linda Vista Skatepark Sessions

Just when you think San Diego couldn’t possibly get any better… The city opens up the new Linda Vista skatepark!

Check out this rad video featuring Alex Leibrock, Parker Heath and Danny Josa putting the brand new and very dialed looking Linda Vista Skatepark in San Diego to good use! This one will make you a little jealous if you aren’t near San Diego.

As if you needed another reason to start planning a trip out west, right? San Diego’s biggest skatepark – the new Linda Vista Skatepark – isn’t formally open yet, but the sessions have already been poppin’. Expect a formal opening sometime in January and, until then, watch Parker Heath and Alex Leibrock put a beating on the place!” – Vital BMX

Kink BMX Big Slim Stealth Seat