Calling the Shots with Wolfgang Ray and Stephan August

The other day our friend Chris Bracamonte caught up with Wolfgang Ray and Stephan August at the Sanctuary BMX Park for a round of Calling the Shots! Both of these guys spent some time on both parts of the park inside and outside putting together some dialed riding for you guys to check out in this new edit! Hit that play button and take it in!

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte

More info about Sanctuary BMX can be found right here!

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Say Cheese Baby

Chris Bracamonte just hit us with a link to a new video he dropped featuring some unheard of talent out in California! Check out what Stephan August, Wolfgang Ray, Tristain Darling and Ansel Dauwalter all came through with for this mix! Style and tricks for days!

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte

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Chris Bracamonte Bike Check

Click to see it BIG!

The first time I had met Chris, it was last fall at the Texas Toast Jam in Austin, Texas. I some how flew out there with a real loose plan on who I would be staying with… One thing lead to another and I’m in some fancy house with a bunch of guys from all over the world and one of them happened to be him. Over the weekend, he was nothing short of laughs and good times and I was definitely a fan of the guy.
Shortly after Texas Toast, MirraCo announced they would be shutting down operations at the start of the year and he was left without a sponsor, but that didn’t last long, because he found himself a home on Colony!
We figured since he built up a fresh bike not too long ago and it was due time to catch up with him, we would do a quick bike check and see what else is new. Let’s see what he had to say!

Name: Christopher Bracamonte
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Chris Bracamonte on Colony


After parting ways with MirraCo at the beginning of the year, Chris Bracamonte has found himself a home on the Colony team! I had the chance to stay with Chris during Texas Toast and not only is he a hell of a good rider… He’s funny as hell! Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing a ton more of him in 2014!

We would like to officially welcome Chris Bracamonte to the Colony family. Chris is an amazing rider and an equally good person from San Fernando valley north of LA. When the opportunity came up to help out Chris we knew we had to take it. We will be working with Chris over the coming months filming for a web video and no doubt some more projects! Thanks to Tyler Fujii for the shot.

Kink BMX

LAX Films X Full Factory

Here’s a must see for sure! Check out the LAX Films crew getting down on the Full Factory Distribution ramps out in California! There’s some super good riding from guys like Daniel “Lil’ D” Martinez, Chris “Titty Fucker” Bracamonte (god I hope he reads that), Tom Villarreal, Nate Richter and many more! Awesome.

LAX FILMS crew rides the Full Factory ramps with special guests Nate Richter, Lil D, and Tom Villarreal.
Special thanks to Eric Cuiper and Odyssey/Sunday/Full Factory.
Artist: We Were Promised Jetpacks
Song: Quiet Little Voices
Filmed By: Tyler Fujii
Additional Filming: Kelly Bolton
Editing and Graphics By: Kelly Bolton