Woodward – 10 In 2: Evan Smedley

During a recent trip to Woodward East, Mutiny Bikes rider, Evan Smedley decided to take on the 10 in 2 challenge to pull together 10 clips in 2 hours at different spots around the park. Did he pull it off? Hit play and find out!

Evan Smedley takes the “10 in 2” challenge at Woodward Camp during Mutiny Bike Week. Which 10 parks will he choose? Watch to find out.

Filmed and edited: Dan Foley

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Mutiny Bikes – Synthesis III

Here’s one we’ve been waiting to see pop up for a little while now. Mutiny Bikes just released their new “Synthesis III” BMX video online for your viewing pleasure featuring their team riders putting in work. This has clips from previous videos that came out throughout the year along with some additional new clips that are banging as well! Hit play and check this out… Definitely a MUST SEE!

Mutiny Bike Co. is proud to present Synthesis III. A mix of our favorite clips from all our video projects in 2015 along with some brand new clips from the dudes.
Grant Castelluzzo | Robbo | Matt Roe | Justin Simpson | Jeff Wescott | Maxime Bonfil | Dylan Lewis | Andy Martinez | Evan Smedley | Mariano Santiago

Kink BMX Contender II

House Park 2015

There’s no denying that by now you have probably seen countless videos from House Park in Austin, Texas. That’s not a bad thing either because every time there is something new and unseen that has gone down. Check out this 5 minute edit packed full of some amazing riding from some of Austin’s finest and a few of the visitors that have rolled through lately! This is one hell of a BMX video!

​House Park has become the new go to spot in Austin. You can always expect to see some random pro there shredding. Legit Austin local Devon Hutchins has been on hand during the first seven months of 2015 and collected this awesome footage featuring Tom Dugan, Lucas Dartford, Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Evan Smedley, Clint Reynolds, Josh Dissinger, Darryl Tocco, Jason Watts, and even Tony Cardona. Make sure you keep watching all the way through for that Cardona gold.” – DIG BMX

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Evan Smedley – Grindlab

Evan Smedley recently spent a little time cruising the Grindlab skatepark out east before he packed up and headed down to Austin, Texas for a little time in the warmth! Check out this quick BMX video from his time there, which is packed full of style.

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The Yea – Evan Smedley “Fuckswitit” section

The Yea have uploaded Evan Smedley’s section from the “Fuckswitit” DVD for your viewing pleasure! This is a short but sweet section well worth checking out!

Edited by: Matt Smith
Filmed by: Everyone
Music – Buddy Knox – Swingin’ Daddy

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The Bike Shop – 30 Seconds with Evan Smedley

Here’s a couple fresh clips of Evan Smedley for Jeff Kocsis’ shop, The Bike Shop. Definitely some goodness in this.

ECD has been sitting on these clips for a minute so we thought we’d put out an edit out missing the warm weather.Also some clips for the boys at The Bike Shop up in Clifton, NJ. Check um out

Kink BMX Contender II