Verde – Stephan August Welcome Video

There’s no doubt that Stephan August has been on fire for the past year or so on both sides of the lens from his riding to the steady flow of BMX videos he has been pumping out. It looks like he caught the eye of Verde with all of his hard wrok, and they decided it was time to get him on their team. Here’s Stephan’s official welcome to the team video that’s packed full of amazing riding, great spots and some super clean film work. This video has a fairly chill vibe to it, but don’t let that fool you, there are some heavy hammers mixed throughout this one! Check it out!

Stephan August has been part of the Verde​ family for a while now but they just made it double official with this stonker he’s been busy working on recently. Always fans of a tall guy here at DIG, especially when they like the big ol’ grinds, and Stephan does just that. Dude has a bit of everything in there, including a huge ender.

​”Stephan has been roaming around our squad since we moved to the Hollywood area. We met through a bunch of close friends and have had lots of time to kick it over the years. I remember a few years back on a trip to Vegas for Nora Cup we chatted about what he was doing with his bike and where he wanted to go with it, and all in all I felt really good about his outlook towards his bike and the motivation he gets from it. He wasn’t on Verde at that moment but I would say these conversations is what led to me bringing him into the family. Since the moment he got his first frame he’s been on a mission working on several different projects but lately he’s been getting crunchy with Fernando and happy we are. We are pleased to Welcome Stephan August (aka Booty Groceries) to Verde and we are very excited for what his style and creativity can bring to the table.” – Tony Neyer

Filmed by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz / Edited by Will Stroud