Flat Matters – Pete Brandt Video Interview

Here’s a fresh one Effraim Catlow from Flat Matters sent through for you guys looking for an interesting interview! Effraim caught up with Pete Brant for a conversation that went over an hour to talk about riding, some of his interests outside of riding and much, much more! If you’re a fan of Podcasts, this is well worth checking out!

It’s all about the Pete Brandt interview today.
In my opinion, You couldn’t really script this story.. Who would have thought my childhood hero would organise a go fund me fundraiser to get me out to San Francisco and the One Love Jam.

Wait what????

How many would do this or even think about doing this for another rider? It is and was an amazing gesture. So much so I pinched myself at various points of the long flight over to SF. Is this really happening??

As Pete broke the news, aside from my initial disbelief, and thoughts of finally riding the clocktower and going to the One Love Jam. This was finally my chance after ten years of running Flatmattersonline to interview Pete and ask him all the things I was curious about over the years.

I first travelled to SF when I was seven years old with parents, then again at 14 years old and to compete for the X Games in 99, and 2000. The city definitely strikes a chord with me, it is my favourite place to travel in the world. So much history here, the bridges, all the different cultures, the views each way you look, the people, you can ride around Embarcadero and see all the famous skate spots just a throws away from the legendary Clocktower spot that Pete rides everyday, making the 40 minute BART commute from across the bay in Fremont.

I have met Pete numerous times over the years at contests across the globe and even at the San Francisco X games twice which we discuss in the interview.
I haven’t however, hung out with Pete for any considerable amount of time, until this dream trip. I think it’s fair to say we got along so well I now consider Pete a close friend and we share a lot of the same music tastes, views on flatland, we both vibe off skateboarding, and best of all just a lot of laughs and good flatland sessions.
As I approach my 45th birthday in March, seeing Pete still going as hard as ever was a massive motivation to me “hey you can still do this and work a full time job and juggle family life with kids” and be an absolute monster.

There are multiple layers to Pete’s life, which we cover in this interview. The term “legend” gets over used a lot, but Pete really is a flatland legend. And in fact as I now call it he is an “architect”. Pete has helped shape the spot/artform we all love, have you ever shove-it’ed mid trick, done a crackpacker, held a hitchhiker on the peg instead of tyre, used plastic pedals, use a freecoaster, these are all things Pete invented and made them popular and the list goes on.
The man deserves a BIG interview so much I can’t even stress this enough. Our sport/artform needs to respect the architects that shaped what we love today, and Pete is still going hard and in fact I can almost guaranteed he’s the last to read this and will be out shredding at the clocktower without a care in the world other than riding his bike and doing what he loves on the daily.

Over the years, I have met just about everyone in the flatland scene and Pete is the realist rider I have met. This guy eats, sleeps, and breathes flatland, and he totally gets it.

Grab a cuppa, and make some time to learn about one of the best riders to ever do it. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s do this, the Flatmattersonline Pete Brandt Interview! This is for all the hardcore riders out there.” – Effraim Catlow

Effraim Catlow – “Pro Rider Responsibility” Documentary

Check out this documentary Matt Hocopan put together for a school project featuring Effraim Catlow…

It’s always rad when you can mix BMX with a school project. Matt Hocopan had project filming a documentary, so he decided to catch up with Effraim Catlow to take a look at everything he does to help out the younger generation from doing lessons to running the Southsea skatepark. Effraim has been around for a long time and has accomplished a lot, so it’s rad to see him giving back and helping the up and coming generations of riders progress and the other kids who skate and scooter at the park. Pretty awesome. Take a look.

In this documentary we followed Effraim Catlow, professional flatland Bmxer (2x World Champion) and explored his contributions to help further generations engage in extreme sports through is expertise” – Matt Hocopan

Flat Matters – Jean William Prevost Podcast

Effraim at Flat Matters caught up with Jean William Prevost for an interview!

Here’s a rad one Effraim over at Flat Matters sent over for you guys to check out. Here’s a podcast interview where he sat down with Jean William Prevost to talk about a ton of ground from riding in Canada, hitting up contests all around the world, sponsors, his thoughts on contests and the future of flatland and much, much more. If you have an hour to spare and you’re interested in flatland, this is well worth a watch. Check it!

Here in the UK, we have this saying “Every Dog has his day”, well…Jean William Prevost had a whole year and deservedly won a lot of contests, awards (Nora Cup, FM) but his achievements go beyond that with his work for inside the flatland industry with Far East and IGI. This year at Bike Days I caught up with the man to talk about how his year unfolded, we discuss everything from winter training, winning contests, motivation, helping bring on other riders, video parts, Flatland in the Olympics and while lot. Years of hard work to get to this level. You definitely want to grab a cuppa or whatever you do. Get the headphones and enjoy this podcast!

00:34: Winter training, escaping the Canadian winter, hitting the contest season running?

1:54: What does the Toronto contest in March mean to Dub?

4:11: Friendly rivalry with Dominik Nekolny, being motivated after getting second?

4:34: Winning Fise Montpelier, motivation after winning?

6:11: Helping Far east cycles grow.

8:10: Having responsibility as a pro rider and bringing on otter riders such as Joris Bretagnolles?

9:08: The igi brand.

10:19: After winning Fise Montpelier, then going to Ninja spin and winning. Prepartion right before the contest, contest rituals before runs.

12:28: No one riding like Dub, where did your inspiration come from?

13:54 From one of the best runs of the year at Ninja spin, to dropping another contender for run of the year at BMX Cologne. How do you focus for finals after pulling such an amazing run in qualifying?

15:05: Do you have a set amount of turbines you do in a contest in your lines cause it seems like you could do however many you want?

15:56: Variety in a contest is not only a front and back wheel thing?

16:22: If you could talk directly to a judge, and you had three most important factors to consider in making a result what would they be?

18:17: Practising on perfect looking marble floors then going to wooden floors, how does that translate for you?

20:17: Which point in the year did you think I can win the overall FiseWorld championship title?

22:10: Who’s going to remember you in 100 years?

22:33: How much of contest riding is preparation and how much is mindset?

23:29: 3 minute run or battle format?

25:13: One minute runs, two tries.

26:34: The energy you out into runs seems higher than everyone else out there, how long did it take for you to get to the point where your throwing down flawless runs?

28:48: Winning Flatark, pulling out a new forklift variation to take the win?

31:42: From Flatark to BITR? Battling Austin Luberda?

33:45: Who’s the hardest rider for you to battle?

33:57? Making it?

35:13: Despite winning last year still the underdog?

36:24: Is flatland ready to be in the Olympics?

36:56: Granite marble at contests as a standard?

38:35: Real City Spin?

40:27: The nickname Dub?

41:10: How much training goes into contest riding on a regular day?

42:33: The recent Puro Flat video project?

45:23: Focus for this year?

47:28: Representing Canada, so many flatland greats coming from your country?

49:00: How long are you at home out of the year?

49:56: Advice for up and coming riders?

51:04: Outro.” – Flat Matters

Effraim Catlow – One Session

Effraim Catlow coming through with the goods from a single flatland session…

We’re always stoked to see what Effraim Catlow is getting into over in the U.K. Here’s a look at a video he whipped up from a session he was able to get in recently that went from just a session to filming a bunch of combos to make a full edits worth of riding. Take a peek! You won’t be disappointed.

It’s been a long time coming, three years in fact since my last edit with Ollie Denny. During that time, I have been battling injuries off and on the bike, it’s been hard to get any rhythm. Ironically I just crashed on my roadbike a few hours before we filmed this.
Matti Hemmings popped down this past weekend, and quickly turned from “Let’s get a few tricks” to “might as well film an edit Effraim?”. In one session I did 7 combos I was pretty happy with, the ender though got corrupted. So That will have to wait for the next project.
If you listened to my interview with Scott O’Brien you will have heard me talking about this idea of releasing EP’s before the LP. let’s call this the One Session EP.
Thank you Matti Hemmings for taking the time to film in this “One Session” edit.

Tune: Mr Brown – The Time Stealer.

Ride On Talks To Effraim Catlow – Part 3

Part 3 of the Effraim Catlow interview has arrived..

Neil Waddington has uploaded part 3 of the Ride On Talks To Effraim Catlow interview. This time around we get some riding, along with Effraim’s story on retiring from competing, progression of flatland riding, a few riders pushing limits, how Flat Matters came about, influences on style and more!

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Ride On Talks To Effraim Catlow – Part 2

Ride On Talks To Effraim Catlow – Part 2

Part two of Effraim Catlow‘s Ride On interview has arrived.

Neil Waddington has released the second part to the interview with Flat Matters‘ Effraim Catlow where he talks about the start of the King of Concrete contest, being a World Champion flatland rider, riding contests and becoming burned out on contests and getting the spark back after a while. Hit that play button and check it out!

Just incase you missed it, here’s a look at Ride On Talks To Effraim Catlow – Part 1