Lightworks Promo #2

It would appear that Bobby Kanode has been working on another full-length video to follow up from his “Mediocre At Best” video that featured some of Arizona’s finest. Here’s a taste of of what’s to come on June 11th, 2017.

On this day of giving thanks, I’d like to celebrate the family that is the BMX scene in Arizona. Thank you to everyone involved for putting up with me. *heart sign

Joey Motta
Drew Hosselton
Eric Bahlman
Travis Cordova
Cody Clark
Jeff Wescott
Brian Grant aka Horse
Troy Blair

Film and Edit
Bobby Kanode

“Reprogram Ourselves”
Jerry Paper

Mutiny Bikes – Jeff Wescott Comb Line Promo

Here’s a fresh one from Jeff Wescott promoting his signature Comb line from Mutiny Bikes. This is pretty short and sweet, but Jeff brings some excellent riding to the table and the film work is definitely on point. Check it!

Filmed and edited by Buster O’Shea & Hunter O’Shea

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Mutiny X DIG – Jeff Wescott 2016 Video

Mutiny Bikes and DIG teamed up to bring you a fresh new BMX video out of Jeff Wescott! Jeff turns up the heat in sunny San Diego for this one bringing his fast paced style to plenty of unique street spots. This has a good mix of grinds and some burlier roof drops, keeping things interesting from start to finish. Oh, and the film work is damn good, too!

Jeff Wescott resides in the extra spicy hot Southwest slice of Arizona, down in Phoenix, where most of the time it is quite difficult to ride outside because of the sheer heat during the days and nights. This time around Jeff took it upon himself to head to sunny San Diego, California to find some new spots and enjoy that beach breeze in between clips. Jeff links up with Christian Rigal on 8 visits after work at his day job to enjoy the cooler side of summer. This video brought to you by Mutiny Bikes and DIG has 3 plus minutes of smooth crispy footage that is a treat to sit back and enjoy!

Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal
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Mutiny Bikes – Synthesis III

Here’s one we’ve been waiting to see pop up for a little while now. Mutiny Bikes just released their new “Synthesis III” BMX video online for your viewing pleasure featuring their team riders putting in work. This has clips from previous videos that came out throughout the year along with some additional new clips that are banging as well! Hit play and check this out… Definitely a MUST SEE!

Mutiny Bike Co. is proud to present Synthesis III. A mix of our favorite clips from all our video projects in 2015 along with some brand new clips from the dudes.
Grant Castelluzzo | Robbo | Matt Roe | Justin Simpson | Jeff Wescott | Maxime Bonfil | Dylan Lewis | Andy Martinez | Evan Smedley | Mariano Santiago

Kink BMX Roll Up Frame

Mutiny Bikes in Albuquerque – The Land of Enchantment

Now this is what we call a MUST SEE! A few weeks back, Mutiny BikesMariano Santiago, Andy Martinez, Jeff Wescott, Justin Simpson, Grant Castelluzzo and Adam Accardi loaded up in the van to spend a few days cruising the plentiful spots of Albuquerque, New Mexico! This video, filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio, is the outcome of the trip. Packed full of damn good riding and great spots, you can find plenty of grinds, a whole lot of ass hauling to jump fences and more! We are really digging the timelapse clips throughout this one as well. Hit play because this is one hell of a BMX video!

The Mutiny team hits the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico in a 1989 Chevy sport van. Taking advantage of the incredible landscape in an area of the US quickly becoming known as a hotspot for street riding.

Mariano Santiago @marianosantiago
Andy Martinez @andenez
Jeff Wescott @jeffwescott
Justin Simpson @justinsimpson
Grant Castelluzzo @grantcbmx
Adam Accardi @adamaccardi

Original Music written by Jeff Lucci
Performed by Air is Human

Documented by Ryan Navazio @yo_navaz
Produced by The Navi Arm @thenaviarm

Mutiny – Jeff Wescott Comb Line Promo

DIG just released this brand new Jeff Wescott promo for his signature Mutiny Bikes Comb Line that is OUT NOW. After you watch the video, hit up the DIG website for an Interview with Jeff or get a closer look at his Comb frame and bars right here

“This latest video from Jeff Wescott encompasses a wide variety of spots, which in turn allows Jeff to cover all of his riding styles in one video. From the deserts of Arizona to the Rainforest of Puerto Rico, Jeff has made it a point to take time in completing his promo video for his new Mutiny COMB line! Through minor injuries and busy schedules, Jeff, Tony and myself have managed to bring you this amazing video and to accompany all of that hard work, a full length interview on Jeff, to explore more of what makes him who he is from many different angels…

Watch Jeff travel from his new hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to spots hundreds of miles away, and get a feel for why Jeff rides for Mutiny and embraces his brand new product series, the COMB line from Mutiny!” –