Villa Road – Holy Yeah!

You can always count on the Villa Road crew to drop a rad video. Here’s a compilation of clips from this past year that was filled with some heavy crashes, plenty of laughs, a ton of style and plenty of amazing riding at the Woodyard trails. Hit play and take in just short of 12 minutes of goodness!

Summer 2016 saw plenty of action, from the gnarliest of crashes to insane tricks to summer campouts to being general idiots, we wouldn’t have it any other way, this is what its about to us!
Filmed & edited by Andrew Thomson & Matt Priest

Matt Priest – The Dog Days

It’s always a good day when some new Matt Priest footage surfaces online! Here’s a fresh batch of clips of him absolutely slaying the Woodyard with his signature style that you can’t help but love. Get on that play button because you won’t be disappointed with this one!

On the 15th May 2015, Matt Priest endured a bad crash which resulted in shattering his talus bone (ankle) into 12 pieces. After a tough year off the bike, and being repeatedly being told by doctors the chances of riding again were completely against him it really wan’t looking good. That was until he got lucky and was informed that due to his resilience to a very tough situation, that he could ’try’ to start riding and building his leg back up to full strength. It wasn’t long before Matt proved he wasn’t going to let it slow him down, and starting tentatively rolling in Malaga back in February and has been back killing it since at his local UK trail spot, Woodyard. This video documents much of that journey and how good it feels to be back on that bike again.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Thomson

Kink BMX Roll Up Frame

Tall Order BMX – First Big Session with the Team

The Tall Order crew have been on it with the Webisodes lately. Here’s a fresh one where most of the crew got together for some skatepark and trails action. If you’re only interested in the riding, scroll forward to the 5 minute mark, that’s when things actually get rolling.

In this webisode we drove from Hastings to Essex to ride Jack‘s local Skatepark (Canvey Island) . On the way to Essex we had to make an emergency stop on the side of the busy A21 to search for something Jack had dropped out of his window! When we finally made it to Essex we learnt about how Jack nearly DIED riding after throwing up blood after a massive crash!
We then headed to Cambridge to stay with Matt Priest and ride for the first time with the ‘tall order’ team Matt Harris, Kaz Campbell and David Gilchrist. We rode Stansted skatepark where Jack and Matt shredded!! Oli got loose and landed smooth on everything! Matt Priest rode Jack’s Segway all day then we headed to Abbey trails to see the boys shred their local spot in-between revision for their GCSE exams. David finished the day off with a massive gap to wall ride at the trails that nobody had ever tried before!
” – Bas Keep

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“Pumped BMX 3” Preview


Here’s some news we’ve been waiting or, for crew at Pumped BMX have been working on the 3rd version of the game that took over BMX riders phones and consoles around the world. The 3rd version will feature 15 of your favorite riders and companies on new courses with an even better playing experience. Not a lot of info has been released as of yet, but you can expect the game to drop this summer. Check out everyone that will be featured below!

You can keep up with the game and full details here —


Corey Bohan


Nina Buitraga


Steve Crandall


Chris Doyle


Tom Dugan


TJ Ellis


Dennis Enarson


Chase Hawk


Mike “Hucker” Clark


Liam Eltham


Matt Priest


Joe Rich


Matt Roe


Peta Shepherd


Gary Young
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Villa Road – Saffron Walden Skatepark Session

The Villa Road crew are back with a new BMX video from one of the productive sessions they were able to get in at the Saffron Walden skatepark. This has footage from Damo Wilkinson, Bob Manchester, Inch Thomson, Matt Priest and Alex Coleborn for you to check out. With a line up like that, you should expect plenty of style! Hit play and enjoy!

“Get a bunch of bikes and ride em around with you’re friends… It’s the shit!” Tyler the Creator knows what’s up!

Featuring – Damo, Bob, Inch, Priest and Coleborn

Filmed & Edited – Andrew Inch Thomson
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Villa Road – A Day In Malaga

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Malaga, Spain? Well, the Villa Road crew spent a few weeks there, so they decided to document an entire day for your viewing pleasure from breakfast to sessions and good times with Liam Eltham, Bas Keep, Inch Thomson, Matt Priest and Ben Hennon. Hit play and enjoy!

A day in Malaga! – Lima, Baz Keep, Andrew Inch Thomson and Matt Priest spent the last three weeks in Malaga. They decided to document a whole day, watch above what a typical day in the city is like for them…

Special guests – Ben Hennon and Big Hennon

Filmed by – Matt Priest, Baz Keep and Inch

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